Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a hard thing faking a smile when I feel like I'm falling apart inside

World, I am on my knees, begging you. Please let this song be a huge hit. It's the exact definition of a song that should be--pop to cross boundaries, distinctive enough to rise above the pack, class through and through, meaningful enough to tug at the heartstrings of everyone who hears it, and, yes, catchy. A literally perfect song.

What do I have to do? I'll do it. If there is one song this year that needs to be a crossover, cross-country/continent/world hit, it's this one.

(I think the opening two lines of this song may be the best opening lines of a song ever.)


paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

utter bewilderment after 3 plays. It's only ok. I think i have some mental deficiency when it comes to Robyn. I'll book the operation for the new year!

paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

Oops i think i need to clarify that in case i come across as grumpy. It's actually more than ok - it's a thoroughly decent pop tune. I guess what i don't get is this universal acclaim from media pundits saying she is the best thing in pop. I'm not saying you are saying that - lord knows i get giddy over all sorts of songs, the mass media acceptance as the saviour of pop is bewildering to me. Though I'm sure if I liked her more, I'd be thrilled. I think a) her voice bugs me a little and b) I have other acts i adore that in my opinion only are far more deserving of acclaim. Oh god now i sound even more grumpy. Basically, yay! Hope its a huge hit :)

Digital Technique said...

Am loving this song, possibly even more than With Every Hearbeat but still doesn't replace Keep This Fire Burning as my fave Robyn song! (After a few more listens it might tho....)

Mike said...

It's a great song but I've been playing it on repeat for two years, so I'm a bit over it now. I really hope it achieves the success it deserves because pop doesn't get much better than "Be Mine! It's blissful.

HOWEVER - What drug was the stupid Swedish cunt on when she filmed that hideous video? The original is one of the loveliest film clips I've ever seen. That is just embarrassing and uninspired. And since when did Robyn turn into a 45 year old post-op tranny. Is she trying to look ugly? Silly bitch.

Poster Girl said...

She does have a unique voice, but for me, it really enhances songs in this vein--it fits this emotional tone of music so well (kind of like I'd say Enrique Iglesias's voice suits the "tone" of "Hero" so well--not that I want him doing songs like that all the time, but if someone else had done it, I don't think it would've had quite the same emotional impact. Same thing here). But I could get how it might not work for everyone!

Yeah, it's fantastic! As is "Keep This Fire Burning."

I know what you mean, it has been around for a while, but somehow the chance that it might get big beyond Sweden has got me excited about it all over again. And ha ha, I probably wouldn't have put it the same way as you, but I know exactly what you mean about her look here. I know that Robyn isn't the sort of popstar to whom appearing traditionally good-looking would really matter, but it's so frustrating, because she is/can be genuinely pretty! And "Be Mine!" is such a commercial song that I can't help feeling like she should've gone with a more "commercial" look. I can hear the accusations that I want her to "sell out" from here, but really, would it have been that bad for her to not go out of her way to play down her looks so much? (And yes, I know it's not as if she was looking particularly commercial in the original video--maybe the word I'm looking for is "approachable"?--but I've really been kind of put off her styling in the last two videos she's done.)

On the plus side, I do love that the shirt she's wearing says "Who's That Girl" on it ;) And I like the video more than you do--the middle section actually works for me, maybe because it's one of the very few times we've seen her show any vulnerability and then delicate happiness in this era, so it really stands out. I just can't help thinking "can we talk her into a different haircut?" throughout the whole thing.

Mike said...

Sorry if I sounded a bit demented before but I just find Robyn's new image really offputting. It's like she's trying to look ugly to up her cool factor - which, when you think about it, is really quite uncool. Let's start a petition for Robyn's eyebrows to match her hair. This Nazi lesbian look she has going is seriously disturbing me!

Poster Girl said...

No, no, trust me, I can take "demented" comments ;) --and really, that wasn't, because I totally agree with you. "like she's trying to look ugly to up her cool factor" gets it exactly right.

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