Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Well, to tell the truth I haven't been faithful

I promise we'll be getting to some people who are more "famous" soon, but for now, another singer you probably haven't heard of, though you may have heard some of his writing work--his co-writes include Anders Johansson's "Sooner Or Later" and "It's Over," Sita's "I Surrender," Excellence's "We Can Dance," and Amy Diamond's "Shooting Star." You may have sort of heard his voice before, too, because he's done backing vocals on some A*Teens songs. Robert Zuddas was on the third season of Fame Factory. His MySpace describes his style as "pop/soul," and that sounds about right. Speaking of his MySpace, it's also playing a quite good song called "Unbreakable" on it.

Hand Delivered--OK, yes, sentimental in a cheesy way ("baby I will be the one, bringing love, hand delivered"), but I love cheese and I like this song. "Hand Delivered" is is a simple mid-tempo pop song with a chorus that has a rising feel to it. The verses (well, maybe more the bridge) and chorus both have a nice melody to them.

The only place I know of to get this song is on Fame Factory Vol. 8, which you can buy here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe someone who appeared in Melodifestivalen before and after he was in Fame Factory. Or maybe someone who's covered a No Angels song.


Paul said...

it looks like you could drop a brick on his hair and it still wouldn't move!! That "product overuse" faux pas aside, any one a*teens related is five by five with me, and i'm enjoying his song in a "i wish the backstreet boys were cheesy again" sort of way.

Poster Girl said...

Hee--yeah, that's definitely "beware of nearby lit matches" level! And now I've forgotten where "five by five" comes from--is it Buffy (the show, not the character)?

Anonymous said...

He is one of the most beautiful men , I have ever seen! Team Robert, and he has a lovely sexy voice.