Monday, October 01, 2007

Don't you leave me here all alone against a hurricane

Another quick post, but when I saw the tracklisting for Ola's Good Enough, I had to share:

1.) S.O.S.
2.) Totally Addicted
3.) Natalie
4.) My Addiction
5.) If You Gave Me Your Love
6.) Good Enough
7.) Can't Get Enough
8.) All It Takes
9.) My Baby Girl
10.) Baby I'm Yours
11.) Who I Am

In case there were any doubts, you'll definitely be hearing my thoughts on it when it arrives. It's out October 3 and you can order a copy here (though, if you live in Europe, it's better to use this link so you can get a signed copy).

Taken from someone on his official site, by the way. The same person also posted pictures of the album booklet, which I wasn't going to look at but I wanted to see the writing credits, and yup, they're there! Of quick note: Tony Nilsson (who wrote "Natalie") also co-wrote "S.O.S," "Can't Get Enough," and "Who I Am" and Gary Barlow co-wrote "If You Gave Me Your Love." GHOST did a lot of work on the album, Bassflow (yes, of the "7milakliv" and "100 år fran nu (Blundar)" remixes I'm obsessed with, as well as loads of other great stuff) did some production work (on "Natalie," "S.O.S.," and "Can't Get Enough") as well, and Jeanette Olsson sings backing vocals on "Natalie," "S.O.S.," and "Baby I'm Yours." Oh, and Ola has a lot of co-writing credits.

And another "oh," for anyone needing a Melodifestivalen/Eurovision connection: in the liner notes, he thanks Rickard Engfors for being his stylist.


Paul said...

Signed copy for us Europeans? How exciting. And some gary barlow co-writing (i swear that man is never out his shirt and tie look these days)? Splendid. And October third is like tomorrow? When did it get to october already!

Alexander said...

So I got the album today. It's not the POP album I was hoping for. Actually, several of the tracks have a more R&B-feeling.

Don't get me wrong, the songs are not bad... it's just not all POP like Natalie and SOS.

Poster Girl said...

I was really surprised to see Gary Barlow's name as well, Paul! And I have no idea how it got to be October already--I swear it feels like February was just yesterday.

Oh no--really? I mean, that's how some of the songs on his first album were (I'm thinking of "Cops Come Knocking," which could be very R&B with a different singer and is still sort of R&B), but I sort of thought he was moving away from that, which would have been a good thing, because I think he sells the pop songs better (in terms of being convincing, not actual "how many singles does he shift"-type selling) than he sells R&B songs. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the album.
I am sure I will love it


Poster Girl said...

I hope so! And I hope I do, too ;)