Friday, October 26, 2007

Just knowing there's a chance for us could save me from disaster

Ola's done a music video for his latest single, "S.O.S.". I was just going to come on here and provide a link to the Aftonbladet-hosted video without being able to watch it myself (Aftonbladet's videos never play properly for me), but luckily someone's uploaded it on YouTube.

The video's not as...dynamic as I expected, and you definitely get the feeling it was made on a tight budget--the concept basically seems to be "Ola standing in front of a sunset and walking underneath a roof"--but it's still one of my favorite songs of the year, so I'm obligated to report news about it (plus, this gives me another opportunity to quote from the song--there's still a bunch of lines I need to get through, so news better keep coming!). The ending is cute, though, given the song's theme, I expected him to wake up afterwards (something sort of Sleeping Beauty-esque to go with the "rescue me" message). Hopefully that's the person he's been singing about, though!

If we're getting videos for singles that have already begun to chart, could we get one for Danny and Therese's "If Only You," please? And surely Danny's music has sold well enough to afford at least a slightly stylish video. And please please let "Love In Stereo" be on par with "Natalie" and "S.O.S."...


Anonymous said...

Hey PG, speaking of Ola, Lexington Bridge have now covered "Everything I am"

What a random but of course lovely song to cover ;)

I am sure there are many more to come, Ola just does great pop music.

It's the B-Side to the Real Man single.


Poster Girl said...

Oh, that is random--but fantastic! I love that song. Thanks so much for letting me know :)

Anonymous said...

You use Firefox, dont you luv? The videos work on Internet Explorer, but they take their time to load. Surely you have IE. ;)

Poster Girl said...

Oh gosh--I can't believe I've never thought to try that! Ha ha, thanks! :)