Thursday, October 25, 2007

Είσαι Ό,τι Θέλω

I really hope WTBX doesn't mind me posting this song, but ever since he recommended it (thank you!), I've loved it and know other people as well.

Unfortunately, I really can't provide much background on Greek singer Elli Kokkinou, so if you're looking to know about her, check out Don't Stop The Pop's post from last year. All I can add is that Oiko Times reported that Greek broadcaster ERT approached her to represent Greece at Eurovision and she's considering it. Instead, I'll just move on to something I do know: that the following song is great.

Ise oti thelo--even if you don't think of yourself as a fan of Greek music, give this a listen, because it's truly great dance-pop. The Tamta song of a week ago goes for a sort of distant vibe, a cool vibe; this song doesn't have that. Swooshy, strong kind of throbby bassline, catchy, with bleeps in all the right places, and with an ending that feels simultaneously like a fade out and like it's (slightly creepily) building up to something big, so that when it ends you're left wanting to play it again. WTBX compared it to Anna Vissi's "Welcome To The Party," and that should give you an idea of the feel of the song (I think they've even got the same songwriter, Dimitris Kontopoulos). This is so exactly the sort of thing I love.

You can buy Elli Kokkinou's latest album, Ilikrina, here (physical) or here (digital). Now, I'm off to go investigate what else she and Dimitris Kontopoulos have done...

(Picture credit to Elli Kokkinou Fans.)

Next up: maybe back to Norway, finally, though possibly not either of the songs I mentioned earlier. Or another recommendation, this one Danish.


wtbx said...

Mind? Why would I mind? On the contrary, I am glad you liked the song and wrote a post about it!

Too bad the album does not contain any more pop stompers like this one. Most of the album is boring bouzouki music. You can listen to snippets here:

Some more info on Elli Kokkinou: Elli has never been on the same league as Anna Vissi or Despina Vandi, but she has enjoyed major success since 2003 and is now a household name.

Before 2003 she was virtually unknown. In 2003, having overcome her weight problems, she was signed by Heaven Music and released the Album "Kokkino", penned by Phoebus (Despina Vandi's composer). It contained the hugely popular single "Masai" :

She went on to release a second hit album with Phoebus, called "Sex", whose lead single was posted by DontStopthePop.

Now, she's with a different record company. It remains to be seen whether she can continue being so successful, because many singers have sunk into oblivion in their post-Phoebus ventures.

Moving on to composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, here are his latest hits you might like:

Kostas Martakis - Astous na lene

Sakis Rouvas - Stous 31 dromous

Oh, on a final note, Phoebus and Vandi's latest single is accused of plagiarism. It does sound like Coldplay's "Clocks", doesn't it? :)

That concludes our Greek music news roundup :)

Michaell said...

OMG this's what I call hot shizz, so energetic !!! Me love !

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, that was a weird way of wording it--basically, just thanks for the recommendation! The Greek music news roundup was fantastic ;) Just the sort of stuff I wanted to know or didn't know I wanted to know but am glad I know now! And, you're right--both those songs by Dimitris Kontopoulos are great. That Despina song does sound like "Clocks"! But it's a strange choice of song to rip off, if it was intentional--it's so famous that surely someone was destined to notice?

Glad you like it, Michaell--you're right, it is really energetic!