Thursday, October 04, 2007

I never wanna live without your love

Sandra Oxenryd is great. I'm not really sure what she's doing entering Norwegian Idol--after all, she's already won Fame Factory in Sweden (the fourth and most recent season) and represented Estonia in Eurovision (in 2006), so I would've thought that would be enough to prove to companies that she's a good singer. It's a real shame if someone like her still can't get enough (record company?) support that she feels the need to go on another televised contest (if she's trying out for Idol in other countries, I presume she's no longer signed). Plus, look at the boots and the strutting (in the final minute) in her Eurovision semifinal performance! Should've made it to the finals.

Anyway, as far as I know, Sandra has only released on album so far (or maybe two editions of basically the same album), but it's got some good songs on it--this is one of them.

All There Is--I think I remember seeing that a couple of other artists had released this song as well (there's a Chinese pop singer who released it back in 2004), but Sandra's great, this is a Fame Factory special, and I prefer this version than the only other one I can remember at the moment, so I'm posting her version. It's very poppy, cute, and catchy--a great pop song, in other words.

Besides the songs I've posted before, I'd recommend picking up "Make Me Better" as well (and some others). You can buy the album here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: in all likelihood, after today I won't be able to post anything until Monday (not for any fun reason)--there's a chance I might be able to post some stuff beforehand, but odds are against it. I'll be back soon, though, maybe with one-half of a Fame Factory couple.


Len said...

I hope that Anna Sahlene's poor luck in Melodifestivalen hasn't scared off Sandra from considering coming back to Eurovision as a Swedish entry. Maybe she's working on a master plan that takes her to the Norsk Melodi Grand Prix first, so she can come back home with another title under her belt.

Kevin said...

Sweden-related (I thought you be glad to know), "The Worrying Kind" was recently shipped to clubs recently, with mixes by SoundFactory. I really like these set of mixes, much better than "Prayer For The Weekend" (I just really loathe that song). Surprisingly, the full club mix is fairly short. Overrated chanteuse Isabel Guzmán's "All In Your Head", was also promoted via Epic. Mixes by Static House (!), Playmaker (!!), and ADB Vs CLF (!!!). No, I haven't the foggiest either. :)

Let me know if you want to hear them. :P

Paul said...

golly it's rather worrying that people have to resort to trawling around europe on Idol shows to get recognition and a deal when they clearly have put in the work and got the talent already... what a sad state of affairs. After we set up our tv show for MTV, we will launch a record company and sign everyone adore. we will make no money but it will be critically beloved by bloggers :P

Michaell said...

tres,tres HOTT

AcerBen said...

I've liked a few of her songs, but the reality is that she isn't very interesting. And her singing is average at best. That Eurovision performance is terrible.