Thursday, September 27, 2007

With my stunner shades on

The opportunity for me to be enthusiastic about a U.S. song seems to come out once in a blue moon nowadays, so I was extra-thrilled when I found myself loving Don't Stop The Pop's latest recommendation: Keke Palmer's "Bottoms Up." To paraphrase myself over there, it seems like so much of what comes out of the Disney stable nowadays is bland and dull which is a shame because, from what I understand, Radio Disney used to play some fantastic songs and Disney used to have connections to some great artists (back in, say, the late '90's and early 2000s). Luckily, this song isn't dull or bland; it's cute, catchy, fun, poppy (with a little electro backing), and youthful in a good, appropriate-for-who-she-is way, and definitely worth checking out--I ran to iTunes and bought it straight after hearing it.


Robpop said...

Its a shockingly tight production. Thats why i love the title. Its so uncool. For the US. But its everything the 3rd album from Agnes Carlsson album might have been.

Footwurkin-AMAZING!!!! It features Deelite!!!!

Keep it Movin-is something that Sugababes will release next year and call it a perfect slice of British urban pop music (PUKE!)

And then theres the pulsating Bottoms Up..............which deserves its own chapter in the Bible of how to make amazing pop songs. Sadly methinks the world is forget this classic. So its just brilliant that you've noticed it too!!! YAYNESS!

Poster Girl said...

I'm so glad you introduced me to it! If you hadn't mentioned it, I'm sure I never would have bothered to investigate anything she'd done. Thank you!