Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Say a word, you got it

Bad news: Jessica Andersson's official site denies the rumors that she now wants to sing in Fame again (as an Aftonbladet article reported, or at least created some fuzziness about by focusing on the wrong or less important thing from an interview with its headline)--well, sort of; she doesn't rule out doing it some day, but there are no plans for it at the moment.

Good news: why are their no plans for her to do Fame again? Because she's currently focused on musicals...and her "solo career"!

I know, I know, I'm probably reading too much into this, and the likelihood of her launching an album at this point, off the back of no single or Melodifestivalen entry (though she could release I single, I suppose; there's no guarantee of how it'd perform though), doesn't seem that great, but I'm hoping that at least means the door is open to us getting some more non-musical music from her eventually. Grasping at straws and all that, but I can hope...even if who knows when it'll ever occur.

Anyhow, that aforementioned Aftonbladet article also reported that once the musical she's currently starring in ends, she'll think about what she wants to do. She wants to release her own album and, I think, enter Melodifestivalen again (though that part, like all of it, could be me misunderstanding). I don't think she has a record contract at the moment, though.

So basically, no one get too excited, but I keep hoping we'll hear more from her, so I can't help reporting it.

I've toyed with posting "Kalla Nätter" or "Du får för dig att du förför mig" for a while now because both are fantastic, but never done it mainly because I'm guessing most people who would be interested have them already. I might end up doing it anyway, though--they're must-hears.

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