Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Having sex on a night safari, cruisin' like a star

More random news bits:

BWO's new music video is apparently expensive and Alexander Bard caught fire on the set of it (he's OK save for a scar on his leg now). Apparently BWO worked in "the old Cheiron studio" while recording the album; Alexander says it felt a little holy.

Eric Dill's (former Click Five lead singer) new role model is Jared Leto--and I'm not just saying that because he's dyed his hair black; his A&R guy says he wants his new material to sound like Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars. I give up. Of course, the same article then goes on to say he's written with Kara DioGuardi, so make of that what you will. (Also, in a pop connection fact for you, rumor has it he's dating Ashlee Simpson backup singer turned popstar Lucy Walsh.)

(Incidentally, I'm probably going to take any excuse I can to write about BWO in the near future just so I can quote these new lyrics from them as much as possible. I can't wait until I actually get my copy so I can look through the booklet and know them for sure.)


Paul said...

that's a lot of information to take in! Hehe you go with your posting frenzy! I think i now prefer the remix version of the new BWO single, it;s possibly the most abba thing they have done. I despair of eric dill. not only has he dyed the hotness out of him, his music isn't all it should be, though there are hints of melody and greatness in there. Sigh

Poster Girl said...

I know! Can you tell I finally had some free time yesterday?

I was excited when I heard "Postcard from Hollywood" for the first time, but he's done nothing but be disappointing since.