Friday, September 07, 2007

Now nine months go by, the baby's not my blood type

JC Chasez, I'm sorry I didn't realize how great "Until Yesterday" was when I first heard it--but come back! And without Nick Lachey-esque balladry, please (or at least, not just with that)! The former 'N Sync singer's debut solo album came out back in my "I couldn't care less about music" stage, meaning I didn't buy it at the time and can't compare about it flopping, but I would've been very interested in picking up another album from him. If you've never heard anything of off that debut album, (the sex-obsessed) Schizophrenic, you're missing out; JC didn't and doesn't sound quite like anyone else out there, with a sort of funky style of pop that manages to win even me with my general leeriness of anything described as "funky" over. It throws hooks at you from every direction, be they guitar riffs in "100 Ways" or electro beats like "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" (which virtually everyone who hears the song loves it). I've heard people compare former bandmate Justin's latest album to JC's Schizophrenic, but--and maybe it's because of the voice--I generally much prefer listening to JC's stuff. Much-delayed second album Kate is still not out yet after lead single "Until Yesterday" (which came out nearly a year ago) and followup single "You Ruined Me" (the ballad I alluded to earlier, which I like in an OK way, but I do hope it doesn't indicate the album's direction) and at this point, who knows if it ever will be, at least in its original form, but I keep hoping it'll happen (of course, I'm still waiting for that Ben Adams album, too, so no one should be holding their breath for this).

Until Yesterday--"Until Yesterday" finds JC narrating his discovery that his girlfriend is pregnant by another man, but it's a lot more innovative than that sounds. JC tends to get Prince and Freddie Mercury comparisons thrown at him and, though I'm not enough of an expert on them to really confirm that, his music certainly fits with what I associate them with. "Until Yesterday" has its share of rhythm-jumping and manages to sound adventurous and unique (theatrical, I'd say), but...well, he's a pop artist who manages to stay thoroughly pop and accessible while doing what in other peoples' hands would leave you with the impression "that was left-field and...different," as opposed to "that was a good song." Sadly, this song is exactly the sort that screams "flop at the radio"...and it did. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it and its catchiness on our own and imagine an alternative world where radio jumped all over this sound and Kate was a #1 smash when it came out half a year ago.

JC Chasez's single "Until Yesterday" is available for purchase on the U.S. iTunes, but nowhere else that I know of. You can buy his debut album Schizophrenic here (physical) or here (digital) or on iTunes, though.

If you haven't heard anything else by JC, definitely check out the singles from Schizophrenic: the great party-type records (very dance-inspiring) "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" and "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" and the oh-so-subtle video for "ADIDAS." The world needs JC back as a popstar, but on his terms...

And while we're discussing him, I have to link to my absolute favorite JC-related review that I've ever read, an old one (Justified/Schizophrenic time) over on Poptext. If you do nothing else, read this review (and others on the site). Abby is always a clever writer (with a creeping sly sense of humor) who does (did?) what are probably the best metaphors in music writing I've ever read; the archives of Poptext are always worth a browse.

Next up: maybe that American group or a Swedish or South African singer.


J'ason D'luv said...

I'm totally with you on JC's first solo album (when it was out). In fact, I couldn't stand "Blowin Me Up..."... ugh. But his last two singles he put out, with no album, were actually pretty good, and this writeup just inspired me to wanna go and download them!

It's funny, we must be on the same wavelength. I was literally just watching an NSync video from their first album yesterday or the day before, and thinking about how funny it was the label was really trying to groom JC to be the standout of the group... but Justin really snuck up and took over.

I recall NSync really taking off after a summer '98 Disney Channel 1-hour special on them, and JC was the main focus of it.

Adem IAR said...

"Come To Me" from his first album is not only my favourite of his, but it's probably one of the sexiest songs of all time. I remember hearing it very loud in my car the day I bought the album and being so completely blown away by it that I had to pull over and have a drink of water.

Paul said...

how weird that on the way home from london today Until Yesterday was on some random mix cd, and then i got home to read this and hear it it! Ok that wasn't very well worded but you know what i mean. I still worship ADIDAS and think UY is a very cool song. Much better than I'm Not Sleeping Alone. Ugh.

Poster Girl said...

Now let's be honest, J'ason--you probably hated "Blowin' Me Up" because Tara Reid was in the video, didn't you?

Did a good version of "You Ruined Me" ever come out? And that is really interesting--I didn't realize that! There used to be some intense JC vs. Justin debates, but at the time, it always felt like the vast majority of people preferred Justin.

Adem, that's got to be what any artist hopes for--that strong of a reaction!

Weird! Apparently it's not just J'ason and I on the same wavelength, but you, too!

Edna said...

You know, a lot of JC fans have always been like that about JC's music. We feel that he deserves better than he's getting, and a lot better than what timberlake is getting, but he's just not getting it. I think that his first album was cool, it had so much originality in it, and JT just copied the style for futuresex. But well, that's life, thanks for your support for JC.