Tuesday, September 25, 2007


No way!

I didn't bother to look anything up about Jacques Terre'blanche before the last post--I mean, wasn't he pretty much out of commercial music? And there used to be practically nothing about him on the Internet--but, shockingly, he's back back back. New album called The Colour Red coming out mid-October, apparently.

I love how his very own press release seems to know what to focus on: "gorgeous," "deliciously handsome," and, of course, the mention of his famous shirtless Idol performance...and I quote: "shirtless and body painted, he blew the audiences away with his amazing rendition of the classic song, as well as yielding the now infamous torso that had female fans around South Africa swooning for weeks."

Given that it looks like the album will be jazzy with a little R&B influence (it apparently has a song with Akon), though, probably the only reason to be excited for it is new promotional pictures. Which we've already got online now, don't we? Oh well--at least the world can rejoice that the Fabio-like hair is gone.

(Yes, I know I'm being rubbish at the moment--I'll try to post something classier tomorrow, 'K?)


Paul said...

this isn't classy? You sure reeled me in anyway! Who cares what the music sounds like when you look like that :P hahahaha. Anyway - is Rent the new pop comeback vehicle? Everybody's doing it... Whatever next? Nick Lachey as Teen Angel in Grease? Gareth as Link in Hairspray? Steve "Will YOung's creepy uncle" Brockstein as Sweeny Todd? Oh my days...

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha--oh, you totally have me imagining Nick in that role, Paul!

I think appearing in a music version of Debbie Does Dallas with Caprice is so trashy that it goes back around and becomes complete class.

Anonymous said...

The album is NOT jazzy at all. I am listening to it now. It's completely contemporary R&B and it's a winner! Fantastic CD! I high recommend it!