Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who do you think you're fooling now?

I've been excited about Swedish singer Danny for quite some time now, but haven't posted any good quality songs of his since back in February when I wrote about "Tokyo," not because he didn't release a great album but more because loads of other blogs have written about him as well. It's something to juggle, I guess--if you're super-enthusiastic about an artist but so are tons of other people, is there much point to writing about him or her? It's sort of why I rarely write about American music (though quality is an issue there as well) or even that much British music--if it's so well known and written about so well by others, is there much point to me writing about it as well? Unless I can think of something truly thought-provoking or unique to say? Similar thing with Jessica Folcker's latest album--I wrote about "Snowflakes" but nothing since, and not because the album was a waste of time or anything--there were just other people covering it better.

So anyhow, Danny (Saucedo)--his latest single, as mentioned earlier, is "If Only You," but it's been turned into a duet with Therese Grankvist. I'm not entirely sure how much the duet adds to it, but it's a fantastic song and Therese is always a good thing. Hopefully it does as well as his first two singles--it's more dance with a little trance than either of the other two were, but it's just as good. "Only Wanna Be With You," "Hey (I've Been Feeling Kind Of Lonely)," or "Do Or Die" (to a lesser extent) next, please.

If Only You--as I mentioned, this song has a little more trance or house influence, I think, than his earlier two singles. It's just as catchy, though, and it does make sense as a duet.

I'm not sure of anywhere where you preorder Danny and Therese's new single "If Only You," but you can buy Danny's album Heart.Beats, which contains the original, here (physical).

Since this is a new single, it'll only be posted a few days, though it'll surely be all over the Internet soon.

Speaking of Therese, there's a so far (as far as I know) unreleased song by her currently up at 2N Productions' MySpace called "Losing Ground" (well, it's labeled as "Loosing Ground")--I've been meaning to mention this on the blog for a while now, but kept forgetting. I think it's her, at least--one of the writers is "Grankvist" and it sounds like her to's nothing jaw-dropping, but it is good.

Next up: maybe an American or Israeli singer.


Michaell said...

Gosh 'Tokyo' was like BIG on my ipod for like two months - another song i'll cover soon ;D

Alexander said...

The single is not out until September, I think. I wonder if they will do a video. I hope so!

And yes, that is Therese. I really like it. It's not an instant HIT.. a nice album track though!!!

Poster Girl said...

You're looking to have a classic at this rate, Michaell! ;)

I hope so too! And those were exactly my thoughts about the Therese song.

Paul said...

it is a nice song. but danny should do what Ricky Martin did and let all the people who have his album get the duet for free (a la him and Christina)... :P I'm starting to REALLY like Daniel!

Kevin said...

The single is released on the 12th of September, and you can preorder it at the usual places:, Ginza, Skivhugget, et al.   I have uploaded the single's artwork for you, click here to see it.

Poster Girl said...

I don't know Ricky Martin did that! That's a nice thing to do. And Daniel like Danny or someone else?

I swear it wasn't listed on Megastore when I looked, but it is now--thanks for the heads-up! And I like the artwork, too.