Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No matter what the weather, we can always stay together

I think I've mentioned a few times that I love strings (or string-mimicking sounds, sampled or otherwise) in dance music, or at least have a special place in my heart for such songs--the strings were a huge part of why I loved the Freemasons' remix of Beyoncé's "Ring The Alarm" and the Life Saver version of Jealousy's "Lucy," and they really helped ToNi's version of "Natalie" pop. With that in mind, it's probably no surprise I'm currently taken with German duo the Glamrock Brothers' debut single. Why they call themselves the Glamrock Brothers when they're off making disco-type songs, I have no idea; I've also seen them described as "glam house," and that at least makes more sense than glam rock.

You Got What I Want (Original Mix)--as a warning, this song is five minutes long; there's a radio edit out there somewhere, but I don't have it. Luckily, those five minutes seem to pass really quickly, with the possible exception of the end, where the beat takes a while to fade out, presumably to aid with mixing this song in with the next one if it's being played as part of a DJ set. Think disco-y modern dance music, and you've pretty much got what this song sounds like. Those strings I mentioned aren't necessarily the dominating element, or even the main one, but the whole song is just so fun that I can't help but love it. Oh, and they're not singing on it--it's a female singer.

None of the stores I usually use are selling the Glamrock Brothers's single "You Got What I Want" and vinyl does me no good, so I'm not sure where to recommend you go to buy this single. Instead, I'll just point you in the direction of their official site.

Next up: maybe that German duo...


Paul said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of glamdiscohouserockfunk. Which is a much better name for them n'est pas? Although the music is different the look reminds me of icelandic group Trabant - do you know them?

Poster Girl said...

Yes, much better name! And no, I don't! What are they like?