Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Suis mon regard magnétique, c'est quasi éléctrique

I was sorting through a folder of songs when I stumbled across this one. I couldn't find where another blog I read had posted it, so I presume it really is my own (apologies if not--please let me know!). Anyhow, Adenyum are, from what I've read, a French dance project/group/singer/whatever the proper name for these sort of dance music associations is. I think Antonio de Jesus is the sort of behind-the-scenes person while Elodie Guenoun sings, though she may do more than that and there may even be more than one singer on this particular track. They've got some other songs or singles floating around out there in promo world, but I'm not exactly sure what's up with them at the moment, or even if they're still going. At any rate, this song, released in mid and late 2006 (it peaked in the low 30s), is by the best thing I've heard from them.

Toi & Moi--housey electro-pop--very electro-pop. It may not have the subtlety of emotion you get from some of France's best pop artists with a fondness for electro, but it's none the less catchy for that (well, maybe it is less catchy as a result--the hooks are more of repetitive thudding dancefloor-oriented type than in-your-face pop-type--but it's still catchy enough). It's sort of a shame the video had to fall back on that old dance music staple of "ooo, how scandalous!"-type stuff (albeit more stylish than usual)--the song deserves better than being seen as just another dance track that relies on its video to get anywhere. I don't have that much to say about the song, except for that it's really good.

Strangely, Adenyum's single "Toi & Moi" (or "Toi et moi") no longer seems to be available on (where it's not even listed) or FNAC (where it's listed but not available for purchase), so, unless you have access to the French iTunes store, I guess you'll just have to keep an eye on eBay to buy it.

Next up: a Swedish singer.


Jamie said...

First of all, BWO? OMG! they are fetch!

Secondly this song from france is nice, i can nearly sing the chorus so feel all intelligent.

my blog coming soon! EEK!

Paul said...

toi et moi is my new saying at work. Whose going to get lunch today> toi et moi? superbe!

thank you ppg for bringing some more european culture into my oh too british life :)

Poster Girl said...

Ha, they are! And I can't wait for your blog!

Perfect, Paul--use it well :)