Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Heads are spinning around

If you want to hear BWO's upcoming two singles before they actually debut, you can listen to them through a live performance viewable here. "Rhythm Drives Me Crazy" is performed first and "Let It Rain" is performed last.

I would watch them (I never learn--I always want to hear things in advance), but it's all skippy for me.


Paul said...

once again i'm commenting here on everything - timo is another ppg hottie and for some reason i love the title Umlaufbahn. The other day i realised my GPRS sat nav system could talk in different languages. My favourite was Italian which not only was very sexy but made me chortle because Straight ahead or something like that was pronounced prem-shitter. Charming, no no no?

BWO - my preference so far is leaning slightly towards Rain but that could all change when studio versions are out. How come no one has leaked the Shayne Ward radio rip? People are so selfish @P

Adem IAR said...

Am with Paul so far; "Rain" seems the go-er FOR NOW. I'll reserve complete judgment till studio versions arise. It's all a bit exciting nonetheless.

Poster Girl said...

I'm not sure why, but videos on Swedish sites always seem to get all choppy whenever I try to watch them (same is true for Aftonbladet's music videos)--still, I'll take your all's word for it! ;)