Friday, August 10, 2007

A piece of heaven's what I'm offering you

I don't know that much about Kinnda except that she's from Sweden and released an album called K back in 2001. I think the song she's most known for is "Don't Bring Sand To The Beach," but she released several other singles as well. K is one of those albums from that time that straddles the pop-R&B divide, but--and I don't think I'm just saying this because of my own preferences--the best songs are the ones that lean more towards the pop side, with some R&B influence. I'm not exactly sure what happened after that, but I think she's done some songwriting.

All My Love--a pop song that sounds very much of its era, but when it's this cute and this well done, I really don't mind. It's got a nice catchy chorus and--well, really, it's one of those songs there's not too much to say about. It's a good example of the sort of song that won't change the world but is really enjoyable nevertheless.

To buy Kinnda's album K, go here (physical) or here (digital). It's also available in all countries' iTunes stores.

Next up: maybe another female Swedish singer or that Czech singer.


Alexander said...

I'd say "Freak You Out" is her most known song, it was quite a hit back in the day.

She is currently writing songs for other artists, with some of Sweden's top producers.

Poster Girl said...

Thanks Alex! The reason I guessed "Sand" was because it was the single most listed on selling sites and mentioned at non-Swedish places, but I did notice that Swedish Charts only listed "Freak You Out"--and I think I prefer "Freak You Out" to "Sand" anyway, so that's good. And it's definitely good that she's still working in the business!