Friday, August 10, 2007

Cover up the tears that we try to hide I finally have BWO's "Let It Rain," and...I don't know--I'm not convinced yet. It's not as if it's atrocious or anything, but I feel like--like if you were going to choose any of the styles you've done before as a touchpoint for your new single, why would you choose that of "Hanging On The Phone"? OK, maybe it's not quite like that, but--well, I guess, for me, the middle part of Halcyon Days (say, "Hanging On The Phone"/"Angel Of The Night"/"I Keep Walking On") was the least interesting part, and it seems like "Let It Rain" is using that part as its leaping off point.

I already know I'll end up listening to it a lot to try to make up my mind about it, and I'll probably end up completely changing my mind (plus, the version I've got doesn't quite seem top quality), but I'm not sold yet--it just seems like a strange decision.

Edit: the video, in all of its suitably BWO weirdness (I like it)--thanks to Robpop for the heads up!

By the way, if anyone wants to try to explain to me why I should love this song, go for it--I really want to be super-enthusiastic about it.


Adem IAR said...

Yes! That middle bit from Halcyon Days IS the least interesting! Oh good lord thank Christ someone else agrees with me.

Robpop said...

I do feel as if i am repeating myself but with BwO (And with Alcazar and army of lovers) they begin to be a bit boring. Even their videos start to be boring. They simply begin to appear lazy, trying far too hard and become inane.

Yes its incredible pop. Sublime at times. But innovative? Cutting edge? After hearing the same sort of thing for the past few years I think BwO are over the hill. It appears to be simply "different cast-same script". Or to put in Kylie's terms "What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)". I love BwO for what they are. But when you compare them to other Swedish acts you start to feel like you've heard it before and that the group are simply dishing out the same formula they've doing since they begun.

When the soundsof Britney has "Evolved" more than a BwO discography you know its time change the goalposts.

This doesnt distract though from the pure bliss of BwO's material. Their greatest hits will be amazing. Perhaps what I am trying to say is BwO are so amazing all the time that its becoming absolutely bland.

Alexander said...

Don't be silly.

A good song is always a good song.

No more than that.

I love it.

I don't care if it sounds like their previous material.

It's good.

Robpop said...

Yeah its good. No one said otherwise Alex.

Its just about trying to energize the music.

Paul said...

the version i have is not top quality but the video doesn't seem to have a top quality sound by the way. I listened to it a few times tonight and i like it well enough, like i liked Save My Pride well enough, which is to say it topped my chart of most played songs for 4 weeks so that's quite a lot. However, much like the new Girls Aloud single, it feels like treading water. I am just happy that the water is pretty darn good.

Robpop said...

My thoughts exactly, Paul. The water is great but I feel we've swam these depths before...

Poster Girl said...

Definitely, Adem!

I am thrilled if anyone does enjoy it because I usually love them and want them to do well. And I love Da Buzz and everyone's always accusing them of sounding the same, so, even if I don't necessarily agree about the Da Buzz thing, I don't think the "there's no evolution" thing what's happening for me here...this song just isn't working for me for some reason. It is possible I was expecting too much--would I love this if it was from some random group I'd never heard of before? I'd like to think I'm being objective, but I might not be. For me at the moment, though, it's just not great.

On the other hand, I love the Girls Aloud song, so at least there's some lead single I'm enthusiastic about! ;)