Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You gave your heart, you gave your soul, you gave me ultimate control; it's not enough, girl

Further on the me being behind the times front, I spent a lot of the time I disappeared off the face of the blogging earth listening to the following song. Danish dance group Infernal have been written and raved about everywhere--Don't Stop The Pop, Dirrrty Pop, Poplicious, Popjustice--but "From Paris To Berlin" somehow passed me by without inspiring a desire to seek out the album. "I Won't Be Crying" changed, that, though, as it had me perfecting dramatic brush-off gestures in the mirror and just generally dancing around the room. In case there's anyone out there like me who's taken so long to get on the Infernal bus, I thought I'd share another of their songs. As mentioned before, Infernal are Danish and, though they may have hit the UK hardest back in 2006, they've been releasing albums since back in 1998. The following song features guest vocals from someone I have written about before, though: Jon Nørgaard (here under the alias John Rock), Danish Popstars winner who, last I checked, was off releasing Danish language acoustic ballads in association with the documentary about him that I still really want to see ("Lidt Endnu," to be specific).

Ultimate Control (feat. John Rock)--I hate calling songs sexy; I think I've only ever done it once before over the course of this blog, that time in reference to the Attic's "In Your Eyes." But I can't help it here--because this song is. Desperate it may be as well, but there's no other word for it. It's driven by this repetitive thumping, almost revving-like beat that should get dull through repeated plays but doesn't, instead just getting more and more addictive. All Jon really has to do is speak over the top, but his distinctive voice suits this sort of dance music perfectly (actually, his voice seems to suit all sorts of dance perfectly, as the Jon vs. Musikk mix of "Every Girl I've Ever Wanted" was decidedly lighter in tone but still fantastic). Though the song still has a certain shininess that all Infernal songs I've heard have, it's also got a dark sheen that, when mixed with this danceable a beat, is irresistable.

There are multiple versions of Infernal's album From Paris To Berlin, but you can buy some versions here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe a Swedish duo or American singer.


J'ason D'luv said...

Ironically, I've had that Infernal CD sitting in my car for a week now (someone gave to me) and have yet to listen to it. Something about them doesn't quite click with me... there's something missing with the songs that I can't quite put my finger on...

Maybe it's the same thing you are (were?) feeling?

Kevin said...

Infernal's album was recently re-released in the UK, but the single to promote it got canceled altogether.

PS: PG, I sent you 2 Hani mixes of Andreas' "Glorious". Hope you got them.

Poster Girl said...

No, I know exactly what you mean--to be honest, I still haven't properly listened to the whole album. I love this song and "I Won't Be Crying" and I'd love to love the whole album, but it hasn't entirely clicked yet. As I said, I haven't given it a proper listen yet--fingers crossed it does when I do!

I did--and thank you again, so much! Did you get my e-mail thanking you?