Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So now you know-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh


I love the Click Five. Love love love them. Don't let my reservations about their latest album fool you: I have all the good will in the world for them, love them, love their music--hearing "Jenny" on the radio for the first (and so far only) time caused me to completely flip out and increased my enjoyment of the song exponentially.

I saw the music video for "Jenny" for the first time on TV today (I've seen it before via YouTube) and got incredibly excited all over again, though I expect it to do absolutely nothing.

As I mentioned over at The Zapping, it's nice to see they've reconciled themselves to having to rely on the Asian market. Sigh. As long as they release their music somewhere.

Anyhow, I've maintained for a while now that the marketing behind this album has completely baffled me--maybe when you have lower expectations, you go about marketing differently, but I'm used to the "release a single that gets some buzz behind it before releasing the album" model, so to release an album when the song was being played on virtually no radio stations and especially when the music video wasn't even out yet seemed really strange. Poor planning.

And, well? Excited as I was to see the video on TV, I couldn't help but notice as it faded off the screen what the album it came from was listed as:

"Modern Rhymes and Pastimes"

Now, I'll freely admit that I've gotten the name wrong before--I often call it Modern Times and Pastimes (it's actually Modern Minds and Pastimes), but I'm not promoting them on national television.



Paul said...

i subscribe to your scripture sister! We need to set up in business together - i'll choose the singles, you do the marketing! And don't worry about getting the title wrong. I regularly alternate with Maroon 5 and Makes Me Wonder and Make Me Wonder. Silly Me

Poster Girl said...

Perfect! And, you know, either song title makes sense, really ;)

Adem IAR said...

I am so warming up to the new Click 5 album my dear. First listen I was not really feeling it, second go things were settling, and by third play I had popped it into the car (which is always a good thing) for selected journeys. I think within a couple more listens I'll be able to actually name specific favourites without having to double check the title.

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, great! It's funny--that sounds pretty close to the cycle I went through--especially the first listen thing. I didn't get it at all. And passing the car test is always a good sign for albums.