Thursday, July 12, 2007

I try my hardest to break free

I was just looking for an opportunity to write about American music--I wanted to say that, though I don't often write about it, since it seems like people are already familiar with the songs I like (did anyone really want to hear me praise Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"? I wouldn't have anything original to say), there are actually songs I like in the U.S. charts and being released by U.S. artists besides the Click Five--Timbaland's "The Way I Are," for example, and Rooney's "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" (I'm a little tempted to buy the Rooney album; in the past, the descriptions I've read of them have sounded perfect for me, but they've always been a "better in theory than reality" band for me; their new single, though, is pretty good), when I stumbled across Linda Kiraly and fell in love with her song "Can't Let Go," I was thrilled: "perfect! An American singer with a song I like! And no reservations about her!" A few minutes later, though, I discovered that, though she's currently U.S. based, she's Hungarian and has already had a recording career in Hungary (spelled properly, her name is Linda Király, or Király Linda; I've seen it both ways). Of course--she's from Europe. Maybe next time, U.S., OK?

Can't Let Go--don't be fooled by that opening, which is very ballad-sounding; sure, this is no scorching uptempo dance track, but it's got some tempo switch ups going on--the chorus hits and it's one of those half-blow out types--not punchy enough to truly be called hard hitting, but stronger than you'd expect given the song's opening. I love the production--it completely makes the song. The piano, the percussion, the multi-tracked vocals, the strings, the handclaps (and that build in the middle eight!)--without the countless little effects, this song wouldn't be nearly as powerful (I don't know who produced the song, but the writers are listed as Anesha Birchett, LaShawn Daniels, and Rodney Jerkins, so I'd guess it's Darkchild production)...but everything falls in place perfectly, adding up to a beautiful catchy mid-tempo song.

To buy Linda Kiraly's debut U.S. single "Can't Let Go," visit iTunes, but it's only available in some countries; for example, if you live in the U.S., go here. Incidentally, the other songs on her MySpace don't give me much hope for the album itself (unless they're from her previous album), but I love this single. The album it's from will be out this fall.

Since this is a new single, it'll only be uploaded for a little while.

Next up: maybe I'll finally get around to that Swedish duo I've been meaning to write about for months.

(I know I've said it already, but can we just take another moment to appreciate the production on "Can't Let Go"? It's divine.)


Adem IAR said...

I was not expecting it to be so bonza after the slow intro! Nice, simple, very effective and crisp production... lush!

Paul said...

sigh - there is some lovely piano in that song and her voice is very pretty and endearing. i choked on my banana when i saw "american act" and checked i had got the right page :P hehe. Oh! And you summed up my feelings towards Rooney perfectly. well done you!

Poster Girl said...

I know what you mean--after that beginning, I was really surprised to hear where it went next...but glad!

You're so right about her voice--I meant to mention it, but forgot. I think she's a really good singer, but even beyond that, her voice is fantastic for songs like this--I really hope those songs on her MySpace aren't from the album, because she could be a great pop singer; it's just a matter of if she gets the right material.

vennice said...

This song is fantastic! I love the beat! And yeah those Myspace songs are forgettable. She better do pop than r&b/soul. Her voice is not suitable for that!

Anonymous said...

Here is the official video of Cant Let Go!! Check it out!