Friday, July 06, 2007

Nije moje srce

Given that I'm distracted by Doctor Who (ohmygosh-I'm-addicted-someone-help-me*), just a relatively quick post today. You might already know of girl group Feminnem (translators keep telling me their name means "ladylike," so I'd guess they're feminine, not the female equivalent of Eminem) from their participation in Eurovision 2005. The group, formed out of some of the nonwinners of Croatia's version of Pop Idol, represented Bosnia and Herzegovina with the great song "Call Me"(or, pre-translation, "Zovi") taking fourteenth. They tried to represent Croatia at this past year's Eurovision, but only took ninth out of thirteen in the national selection. Now, I think they're participating in some sort of festival or contest, and this song is associated with it.

Nije moje srce, nije--pop-dance-disco; if you know their earlier work, this song won't surprise you, but it's still a great listen. The middle 8 or dance break or whatever it is throws off the song (it's just so suddenly slow and such a departure in style), but luckily it's able to recover and is generally catchy enough that it's still pretty good to great.

I'm not sure where you can buy this song, but you can buy Feminnem's album Feminnem Show (so, even if they're not taking their name from Eminem, they're at least aware of the similarities) from iTunes, even in the U.S..

Next up: maybe that Swedish group.

*But it's not on nearly enough! I'm practically going through daily withdrawal symptoms. I'm strongly considering buying the DVDs and just overdosing over the course of a few days. Edit: but, addicted though I may be, I don't think I've got quite that much money!


Adem IAR said...

Ah how nice, some Bosnian pop! Always nice to see it's appreciated.

Paul said...

Awful awful band name. Nice song. Dr Who is very addictive, and the box sets here are ridiculously expensive (equivalent of about $80!!) i suggest uTorrent as an alternative :P However, they do look nice on a shelf.

Rachel said...

Oh fabulous,I love Feminnem!Zovi was a really good song,if not slightly manic and shouty...I like another one they did as well called Volim Te,Mrzim Te,but can't seem to find it to download anywhere.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, and it is appreciated! :) I don't know nearly as much about Bosnian pop as I'd like to, though!

Paul, I'm so addicted, it's scary. If there was a seven hour marathon that started at 1 AM, I'd probably watch the whole thing...and then still want more. I've never been so tempted to learn how to use torrents--but I'm not very technically minded at all :( (P.S. I saw the episode with the poster for Shayne Ward's greatest hits yesterday and burst out laughing.)

Rachel, I might have that! I'll check and get back to you if I do.

Resa said...

Have you checked out Žanamari? She won Hrvatski Idol with these girls on it. She's incredibly talented and was on DORA this year with them too. You might like her. :)

Poster Girl said...

No, I haven't! I'll definitely have to look for some of her work. Thanks :)