Saturday, July 07, 2007

A fast-talking mouth can only get you, only get you so far

Hmmm...I've only just noticed that today is this blog's one year birthday! I didn't realize it was so soon--I really don't have anything planned. Well, since I changed my mind at the last minute about the sixth month anniversary and posted something else instead, I've known the song I'd like to post, but there's no big revelation or anything to reveal. And, come to think of it, I'm not so sure I even want to post that song at the moment. Sure, Australian boy band Mercury 4's "5 Years From Now" may have a timeless melody that should put it in the boy band classic category, but wouldn't those lyrics--"will you love? still want me?"--sound pretty needy as a blog anniversary song? So, let's opt for another song from them instead. The group released their only album back in 2004, getting three singles out of it ("5 Years From Now" being the second and only making it to #16, a criminally low position for a song that, released a few years earlier, should've been an international hit--or at least had an international release before flopping), the first and third of which were covers (the first of Bro'Sis song "Get Me Some" and the third of Bobby Brown song "Every Little Step"). Still, I've always thought their best uptempo song was the following song, which was never a single.

Miss Sophisticated--one of those uptempo attitude-filled boy band songs completely suitable for choreographed group dancing and lots of sharp gestures. Some uptempo boy band songs venture too far into "cool" and end up seeming completely laughable, usually when they start talking about clubs; I'd say "In The Club," also by Mercury 4 falls prey to this. While you could certainly laugh at "Miss Sophisticated," it's genuinely a good song as well. Some songs it's better not to analyze; just put on your best serious "I'm sexy, me" boy band face, put this on the stereo, and choreograph the dance routine that this great song, by never being a single, never got.

To buy Mercury 4's debut album Mercury 4 (sometimes they and the album are referred to as Mercury4), go here (physical). You can get it cheaper and quicker from eBay, though.

Next up: maybe a Norwegian or Swedish group.


Joshua said...

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Robpop said...


I have JUST got back from Germany! Woah! So much pop!!! Anyway, regarding Feminnem! I thought I was the only fan in the entire world! I featured them last year on DSTP! Their album is amazing! I think the songs are still available! Klasika/2 Scra 1 Ljubav are amazing! I been lucky to see them perform live! TOTAL QUALITY!

HotstuffFiles said...

Congratulations on a year of PPG!! AMAZING!

baz said...

OMG, i didnt know u started last year ..ur one of the best blogs around so that says a lot! So congrats :D

Claire said...

You know you've made it when you celebrate a year with a spam comment that makes no sense!

Congrats on a full year!


Adem IAR said...

Happy Blog Birthday gorgeous girl. :)


Paul said...

wow! One year of poppostergirl. the time sure does fly! You should be proud of the enthusiasm and energy that clearly comes across in your posts, you created your own little corner of the internet thats charming addictive and full of quality pop. I admire you for that! And Mercury 4! Just so amazing - great choice of song :)

Poster Girl said...

Thanks guys!

Robpop--no! They're great! "Klasika" is one of those songs all pop lovers should have.

Thanks, Mr. HSF! And there really is a column coming up :)

Thanks, Baz--I actually can't believe it's been a year already.

Alyson, yup, but it's not quite as good as having people ask if they can advertise on your blog ;)

Thanks, Adem!

Aww, I try, Paul! :)