Monday, July 09, 2007

It's not my imagination

As mentioned yesterday, Jealousy's only single so far (that I know of) features the vocals and songwriting talents of French singer Mani Hoffman. The group--or whatever the proper term is--project, maybe? (I never know with these dance things)--also includes French producer Pierre Hinard. Among other people, Maxime Desprez (who is behind the Medium Rare Remix of Nyco's "Parlami d'amore," which, based on clips, sounds like it could end up being one of my favorite slices of dance-pop of the year and will probably be the reason I'll eventually crack and buy Nyco's album...well, that, and to get "Paura") also co-wrote and helped create the track. Anyhow, I know raving about this song now means I'm about a year behind the times, but I've never claimed to be cutting edge; if you want to pick on anything, pick on the fact that I only just fell--and fell hard--for Adam Rickitt's "The Best Thing" a few weeks ago when You Don't Know Pop posted it.

I went back and forth and back and forth on which version of "Lucy" to post. I may actually prefer the original mix more, but I now think the best combination for introductory purposes is the video for the original mix and the file for the Life Savers radio mix, mainly because I think people should hear both versions but also actually see the performers (well, really, the singer) and the original mix video does that, while the dance mix video doesn't. I don't go in for non-dance versions of dance hits at all usually--the ballad versions of DJ Sammy's "Heaven," Cascada's "Everytime We Touch, and D.H.T.'s "Listen To Your Heart" (which, yes, I realize was originally a ballad as performed by Roxette, but that makes D.H.T.'s ballad version all the less necessary) all seem pointless to me--but the non-dance version of "Jealousy" isn't like those. I mean, look at this! Is this not my ideal group? Switching between fab string-laden dance-disco-pop and catchy (but meaningful-sounding) guitar pop (with added piano), doing both with equal ease? Short of a group that managed to schizophrenically run the gamut from the sound of McFly to the sound of Alcazar in one album, I don't know that anyone could do a better job of reconciling the various aspects of my musical taste than Jealousy does here.

Lucy (Life Saver Radio Mix)--the version that was promoted, so really, the main version and the version you're probably familiar with if you've heard this song before. I love strings in dance-pop, and this song uses them perfectly. It's got just the right amount of gloss--too much and it would become anonymous--and just the right amount of soul--too much and I probably would've lost interest--instead combining the two and meeting right in the middle of pop and dance. Life Saver is, according to one site I read, another name for Pierre Hinard, so this version should probably be looked at as just as much a "true" version as the so-called "original" mix. Gorgeous melody, fantastic vocals by Mani Hoffman--no matter what version, it's a fantastic song.

Really, watch the video, or at least listen to it--you should be hooked from the first few seconds.

To buy Jealousy's single "Lucy," go here (physical) or here (digital).

Though Jealousy's MySpace says another single, "Sing," was supposed to come out earlier this year, I don't know anything about it and their MySpace hasn't been logged into for several weeks, which is never a good sign. The song I posted yesterday, "Crazy," might be another one of their songs, though; I'm not sure.

Next up: maybe a Swedish duo.


Paul said...

sigh. have you got me into a group/project/act that is going to break my heart when no more music comes out? PS - check out new music over at Simon Curtis' new page!

Len said...

The NYCO album is actually worth hunting for. My bf found it for me on his recent trip to France and Spain (along with the original "Capaz de Todo" album by NASH before they added the D'). It's all fine, summery pop, not endless retreads of "Dimmi Perche" but not too far afield either.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, he's relocated his MySpace page! And yes, probably, given that they've released nothing for awhile, but they continue on through their members; dance projects always seem so tenuous and shifting anyway.

I really like that Nash album! An album of summery pop sounds perfect--it may have a few too many ballads, but it sounds like it has some great songs...especially if you say it's worth getting!