Monday, July 09, 2007

DJ, we've got to--

Have people heard the remix (well, there are probably a lot out there, but I've only heard one so far) of one of the upcoming BWO singles that's floating around? Given that it's the first result on Google, I'm guessing yes, but I thought I'd mention it. Don't get too excited; the remix chops the song up so much that you don't really get an indication of what the actual song sounds like, but I'm so excited about any upcoming BWO material that I wanted to hear anything...and, in case anyone else is in the same position, I thought I'd post.

BWO - Rhythm Drives Me Crazy (Baddlover Remix)

Up for a few days only.

(BWO, last I heard, are set to release two singles on the same day, August 22; one, "Let It Rain" is supposed to be more "radio friendly" [the video for it was just recently filmed] and the other, "Rhythm Drives Me Crazy," more club friendly. The new album, Fabricator, comes out September 19.)


Paul said...

two singles in one day?! How generous! I can't wait to see them live on July 21st. Should be a real thrill :)

Poster Girl said...

Lucky lucky you! You have to give us details afterwards.