Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm right behind your shoulder, wishing I was bolder

I was thrilled to see that the Lo-Fi-Fnk remix of Mika's "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)," originally posted over at Arjan Writes, looks like it is going to be commercially available--7Digital will be selling it as of July 23. In sort of celebration, I thought I'd post another remix involving them. Yes, it's (comparatively) old, but it still sounds just as great as the day I first heard it. Sweden seems to have an abundance of male duos doing electronic pop music, but that's not something I'm complaining about at all, since so many of them do it so well. Lo-Fi-Fnk, who released their debut full-length album last year, are one of those duos. Their work, whether for themselves or as remixers, is often worth taking a listen to; they manage to combine electronica and pop in a way that brings a sense of fun to whatever they're doing.

Wake Up (Ola Salo & Jens Anderson Remix)--I was talking about cute electronic beats yesterday, and this song has them aplenty; synthesizers rarely sound as adorable as they do here. "Wake Up" didn't necessarily need a remix, but I'm glad it got this one, because it just makes it all the catchier, something I didn't think was possible. With co-remixing duties performed by the lead singer of the Ark, this version of the song is less bleepy than the original; if you ever wished it had a little more of a flowing melody, this remix will fulfill your desire. Upbeat, cute, catchy--what more could you want in a song?

You can buy the EP from which this remix comes here (digital) or the album Boylife here (physical) or here (digital). The album is also available on iTunes in all countries.

Also on the Swedish front, we can expect a new September album this September, according to her official site.

Enrique Iglesias just got done performing on So You Think You Can Dance. I was literally cheering the first time they announced he was going to sing, but when they said he was doing "Somebody's Me," that instantly switched to boos. I mean, you've got some fantastic songs on the album, but I would not say "Somebody's Me" is one of the best ones by any stretch. Plus, you're singing a ballad on a dance show. And not even a dynamic one! Sheesh.

Next up: maybe the other indie Swedish male electro-pop duo I've been meaning to write about for forever. Or maybe not.


Paul said...

what an utterly adorable picture of lo-fi-fnk! They are doing a gig at a tiny tiny venue near my house next week so i may pop along depending on ruthiepoos availability! And your comments on enrique had me howling with laughter especially "Plus, you're singing a ballad on a dance show. And not even a dynamic one! Sheesh."


Poster Girl said...

Oh, you would have been laughing at me if you'd seen my reaction to it!

I've never been to see Lo-Fi-Fnk live, but KulPop did and really enjoyed it. And yeah, it is an adorable picture!