Monday, July 02, 2007

I could be the quiet one or the life of the party

In theory, there's no reason summer should cause music tastes to get tossed out the window, no reason you should find yourself more forgiving of songs' flaws or not caring about quality. But it happens sometimes. Take today's song, for example. Britt Nicole is an American "Christian artist," which always (maybe unfairly) sets off alarms in my head. That's not really what I'm referring to, though--well, maybe it's a little related. Britt is very much in the teen pop mold, but sometimes her pronounciation can sound a little off, a little too "this is how teen pop singers are supposed to sound--go on, try it!" "Put on" would be the phrase I'm looking for, I guess. That said, she has done a couple of nice songs.

Sunshine Girl--super-summery. Even without that song title, the song beams sunshine. To be honest, I haven't paid attention to the lyrics at all, save for singing along with the chorus. It's not perfect teen pop, but it is a fun example of it--very sunny and feel-good.

To buy Britt Nicole's debut album Say It, go here (physical) or here (digital). It's also available in all countries' iTunes stores, I think. If you really want to hear more, try "Holiday" (more rhythm-oriented, maybe a little electro and a little hip-hop; the sort of song press releases would describe as "funky") and "Believe" (unusual rhythm in the verses and kind of a blow out chorus that you might get from one of the knockoff pop-rock chicks; it's pretty good).

On the news front (even if it is belated), Charlotte Perrelli has a new single coming out at some point, I think; it's a ballad called "Som du" (you can listen to a clip of it here) and, since promos of it are being sold on the Swedish eBay, it must be on radios or going to hit them relatively soon. I've heard very little of her music so far, but fingers crossed for some good uptempo stuff on the album I presume it's from...

Next up: more from the "what is summer doing to my brain?" file.


Adem IAR said...

That first one IS a lush song. But I cannot help but think "she wouldn't be happy my homosexual ears are listening to this, would she?" as it plays.

Terrible, I know.

Paul said...

what summer is doing to my brain? Love it! hahahahahahaha. I don't mind the odd christian singers song every now and then. House of Love by Amy Grant is very good indeed. This is quite nice. But i sorta agree with adem :) Though maybe that's being too stereotypical - i know lots of christians who adore the gays, my parents included :)

Poster Girl said...

No, I know exactly what you all mean, on both first thought when I hear "Christian arist" is always what Adem mentioned, and then I feel bad because of what Paul mentioned, and I don't want to stereotype an entire group of people...but then go back to feeling uncomfortable, because it seems like most singers in this vein do think that. I heard the song before I knew anything about her, though, after which it felt too late to take back my liking of it.