Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Han ger alla flickor vad de vill ha, alla flickor utom jag

Probably I'm just being spoiled about this--after all, we did just get a duet last winter--but, after seeing this article in Aftonbladet, I can't help wanting new Linda Bengtzing material all the more.

I think--and, given that the article's in Swedish, I could be completely misunderstanding it--that it's reporting on Linda's frustrations with her record company (and is a followup to an earlier article I missed). I think she's frustrated that her record company "refuses to release her single 'Hemligheter'" and that she hasn't released anything in a year in a half out of her three years of fame. I think the record company representative says the company is waiting until she has enough good material for a whole album (which could be in September or May or whenever). Linda thinks that the company wants to wait and release a single in conjunction with next year's Melodifestivalen, but she says that's too far away...which, if that's true, does make sense on the company's part (though they might deny that that's true--I can't make it out)--doesn't most schlager do best in Sweden if it's from Melodifestivalen? And she'd want to save her best song for the contest so she could do her best, but then again, if she's saving the best song, she'd have to use a different song for an earlier single, and so the single might not do as well. Still, even if it makes commercial and competitive sense for her to wait, I can't help craving some new material from Linda.


Alexander said...

Bloody Warner! It's not all about Melodifestivalen. Besides, I don't think "Hemligheter" is a schlager. Linda is more of a rockchick!

Poster Girl said...

I'm surprised they didn't try to at least take advantage of the success of "Värsta Schlagern" by letting her release her own single, and I know what you mean. Poor Linda :( And she does love guitars, but I love that about her! Like, I don't know that "Han Är Min" technically counts as a rockchick song (though others she'd done do), but it's rockier in a way that I really like and that I don't know that you really get from any other singer.