Sunday, June 03, 2007

Locked and loaded

The Dirty Skirts come straight from the school of "I don't think I'd ever like a full album by them." They also scare me a litle bit. Still, they've managed to come up with at least a few songs I like. Let's do things a little differently today--here's what's probably my favorite song by them.

Home Wrecker

They pretty much sound very British indie, don't they? Some people even say too much so, that they're derivative of bands like Franz Ferdinand, the Kaiser Chiefs, and so on, but when you've got a song as catchy as "Home Wrecker," that doesn't matter.

So, where are they really from? South Africa.

As a general rule, I am not a fan of "indie," and not only do the Dirty Skirts sound indie, I don't think you can get more technically independent than them--they're unsigned (deliberately so, though; as one of South Africa's most buzzed about bands, they could easily get some sort of record deal if they wanted one). Still, you throw enough handclaps and "oh-oh-ohoh"s in a song, give it a catchy singalongable chorus, and I'm going to like it.

To buy the Dirty Skirts' debut album On A Stellar Bender, go here (physical) or go to iTunes; for example, if you live in the U.S., go here. They also have a couple of free downloads from their earlier EP on the old version of their very professional-looking website, including "Feeling The Pressure," one of their better songs.

Next up: maybe another South African artist or a French one.


Paul said...

ooo you've gone all diverse :) They are a bit generic, but i like this song enough to go and check out their other stuff. i love how from left to right in the pic, the first three are quite stylish and then the guy on far right looks like some geeza who just got in on the shot by mistake!

Poster Girl said...

From what I've heard of theirs, I wouldn't say it's a "rush out and buy this" sort of album at all--with the free downloads on their site, this song, and "Stereo," you'd probably be more than set.