Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just tell me the truth 'cause I think that we both deserve to know

Knowing I wasn't going to be around when my copy of the Bosson album (or the Magnus album, for that matter) arrived, I did cave and decide to let myself listen to a few of the songs from it--not everything yet, though (and, much as I'm crazy to hear it, I'm going to try to wait for my actual copy of the Magnus album). If you haven't heard lead single "You" yet, I'm begging you to go buy it for your own sake--I've been completely in love with it since Catchy Tunes of Sweden posted it last summer. Followup singles "What If I" and "I Can Feel Love" were both good but, if "Believe In Love" is the next single (and it might not be--I don't see anything about it on his official site), I think it'll be the second best single off of this album so far. By way of quick background, Bosson is a Swedish singer; if you're a kid in the U.S., you probably know him for "One In A Million," used in the movie Miss Congeniality, but he's done far more than that--Future's Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today, released this week, is his fourth album.

Believe In Love--as is probably well-documented at this point, there are some things I adore in pop songs. The feeling that it's designed for choreographed group dancing and handclaps are up there, but right with them is repetition of nonsense syllables. McFly are masters at this, but I think Bosson's sharp "oh-ohh"'s in this count--and I love them; they just help the song pop that extra little bit more. Even beyond them, though, this is a catchy, fairly fast, poppy song, just the sort of thing missing from the U.S. charts that I know stands no chance here but that I adore nevertheless.

To buy Bosson's album Future's Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today, go here (physical). Apparently roses are in this summer in Sweden, no?

(By the way, if it turns out this is a single, I'll take it down in a few days.)

Next up: maybe something Spanish.


kevin (ru) said...

No wonder you've picked my favorite track from this album! Great!

Paul said...

hmmm i really must pay more attention to Bosson. Indeed, i think i listen to One In A Million about once a month or so. I shall have to check out their new album. Once again there is a lot of swedish goodness going on this year!

Jamie said...

'You' is a fabulous record and was all over swedish radio last time I was in Stockholm.

I'm also a massive fan of his Melodifestivalen entry 'Efharisto' although I dont know many people who love it as much as I do. OK so the performance was a bit ropey but it's a fab song.

Ada said...

Doesn't he kinda look like an older Zac Efron?

Poster Girl said...

It's such a great song! I really hope the album does well.

Paul, if you are iffy on Bosson, I can send you some highlights, if you want! Of course, you seem to be much better at finding music than I am ;) By the way, I really am going to send you some other stuff soon!

"You" is flat-out amazing, just everything a pop song should be. "Efharisto" is good as well; 2004's Melodifestivalen was just too tough for it :( He's got some great songs; a Bosson greatest hits, if the hits were based just on quality and not necessarily being "hits" or singles, wouldn't be short of potential material!

Poster Girl said...

Oops, and sorry Ada--your comment wasn't there when I first started replying :) A little, maybe, especially if you've seen the "I Believe" video. I'm convinced the Finnish male host at this year's Eurovision is what Zac's going to look like when he's older, though! ;)

Adem IAR said...

...and if that's what we've got to look forward to Mr. Efron, then by GOD you've got my attention for another couple of years.

I remember hearing the key change in "One In A Million" for the very first time and bursting into tears. Fact. What a great song.

Poster Girl said...

It really is. There's a reason that, despite the fact that it's only in the movie for a little bit, everyone I know remembers it. It's epic.