Monday, May 28, 2007

Hold the fire burning

I think Troy requested this song and, since it's not available on American, Canadian, or UK iTunes and I don't know if it will be on the album, I thought I'd post it. On a somewhat related note, I may have found a replacement digital music store for the one I lost a little while ago, which makes me beyond happy. It's Danish, as was the last one, and it's more expensive, but I'm willing to pay those prices for single songs, and there are so many songs that I just can't buy anywhere else. I want to wait a couple days and make sure that everything's fine, but it will probably go up in the music buying links soon. Anyway, on to the song, one by Magnus Carlsson, who recently announced his new album, called Live Forever - The Album, will come out June 27 (I think this is the cover for it--hey, at least it's an improvement over the single cover and the cover for his most recent holiday album; even if he does look like he's channeling Westlife on The Love Album, he does it better and the cover, based on this size, is prettier). The next single, "Waves Of Love," has been released to radio but won't actually come out until the album does. I'm not going to judge it until I hear the real studio version, but, if you really want to, you can listen to part of a live performance of it here (maybe you shouldn't, though, just for the sake of your later appreciation of the song).

Live Forever (Acoustic Live Version)--to be honest, given my own preferences, I like the original a lot more. However, if you like ballads, this isn't a bad one.

I'll update this with a link to where you can buy this version in a couple of days, but for now, you can buy Magnus Carlsson's album Magnus Carlsson (which does not contain "Live Forever") here.

I blame Paul for getting me newly hooked on Any Dream Will Do, the TV show where singers compete to win the role of Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat. I've always loved that musical, but I hadn't felt compelled to watch the performances until recently. Now, with Idol having just ended, I think I may take up following it full time.

How adorable is that performance? I love that song, especially when performed with lots of energy and, most importantly, dancing! It's one of those infectious feel-good songs.

(Do you know who I would have liked to have seen sing that song on a TV singing contest? Throw in some of his cheesy dancing a la "Carwash," "Ignition," or "Gimme Some Lovin'," put his voice with this song, and you're set!)

Next up: maybe a Swedish song.


Troy said...


PinkieDust said...

Hey, I love her more! We're doing Ibiza together!

Paul said...

well who am i to stand in the way of love?! any"hoo" i'm thrilled that you are into any dream will do. It's rather marv and so much better than grease. I am really hoping that the beeb do Jesus Christ Superstar. Maybe ITV can then do a revival of Mame :P haha, oh and i cant WAIT for magnus' cd...

Anonymous said...

Ben to win!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha :) I owe you after all the amazing stuff you've posted!

Pinkie, we have to do Ibiza together. If Ibiza can handle us!

Paul, like I needed another TV show to be addicted to over the summer! Thanks, though--it's really good :)

Lee and Ben are my favorites, I think. Ben's a good dancer--this, "Blue Suede Shoes"--I'm impressed! And you know how much dancing means to me ;)