Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't let the music die

US5 have a tendency to make me uncomfortable for just about countless reasons (though anyone who wants to write them off entirely should take a listen to "Just Because Of You" first--it's a good boy band ballad). And now, with their new single "Rhythm Of Life," they're clearly hoping to take advantage of Timbaland's success--I've got to imagine those spoken background bits are modelled after him. And there's a pointless rap that really hurts the song.

So why do I find myself listening to it repeatedly?

(Stick it out to the bridge and chorus.)

The single's out June 15 in Germany (with a "video edit" and a "single edit," I think, among other things, so the "real" version probably won't have the music for the dance break which, when you're dealing with just audio, is a good thing). Granted, I haven't heard the high quality version yet, but I think I like it a lot. Not that I'm going to start spreading the message anywhere and everywhere, but enough that I think even by the end of the year I'll still rate it as at least "pretty good."

(P.S. Yes, I know there's some Backstreet Boys' ripping off [or similarities] going on as well, but at least the similarity is less obvious than the one between "In The Club" and Darin's "Step Up" and this song is a lot better than "In The Club.")


J'ason D'luv said...

Isn't US5 Louis J. Pearlman's last gasp? Surely they have a new manager at this point?

Poster Girl said...

I have no idea what's up with them now--but Lou Pearlman's involvement is definitely one of the things that makes me uncomfortable :-/ Trying to rip of Timbaland in this way (even with the guy in the video) does seem like something he would do, though, so he's probably still involved. I really really like the song, but from the little I know about them, I think we are seeing years of future mental trauma being set up through the band.