Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do you feel like I feel?

Question for all you Swedish music experts/people with knowledge:

I was listening to Rix FM and was shocked to hear one of my favorite songs from last year come on...but not in the version I'm familiar with, or any of the remixed versions, or even (I'm pretty sure) the same singer! I wrote about Toni (or ToNi)'s song "Natalie" some months ago--it's a great slice of string-using dance-pop that I love--

Ooo, never mind, I just figured it out! And oh my gosh, you have no idea how excited this makes me! Sweden's Idol boys are bringing it this year!

Umm...since I've started this post, I might as well explain what just happened. I heard the song on Rix FM in its new version, poppier, cuter--not necessarily better, but not worse either--and was really excited. Slighly sad for Toni that it wasn't him singing it, but excited because 1.) maybe the song would get some of the attention it so very much deserves this way, and 2.) if another singer is using this song, maybe that would mean an album full of songs like this (I don't know of anything else Toni's released). Though I knew the song, though, I didn't knew who was singing it...but I was convinced I knew the singer's voice. I was going to post here in hopes someone would be able to tell me who was singing it, since "Natalie" isn't exactly the most googleable name ever. But then! Then! I realized who the voice sounded like, I checked his official site, and...yup, it's him!

You all have no idea how excited this makes me. In this incarnation, the song isn't dance-pop like Danny is doing (the original was closer to that) nor schlager, but adorable adorable adorable upbeat uplifting pop. It's sooo cute and I'm sooo excited!

So, who's the new singer?

Ola Svensson! He of the Anthony Callea "Rain" cover and some other great songs on his debut album (though his second single "Brothers" was not one of the better ones). If this is an indication of his new album, we should all be very excited. I'm sooo excited as is--I love the song, I love the new version, a singer with songs I've liked in the past has another song I like, and I'm excited that I managed to recognize his voice (the people next to me are having to deal with minor gloating, as I didn't think I'd be able to figure it out without asking for help).

Yay for Ola! Yay for "Natalie"! Yay for Idol and Sweden and particularly Sweden's Idol singers!

Anyhow, just because I'm so incredibly excited right now (can you tell?), here's the radio rip, though be warned that the audio quality is low (lower than it was for the Måns songs), though I know not everyone will be interested in this, let alone as excited as I am. Up for a few days only, though.

Natalie (Ola's Version) (Radio Rip)

This is boy-pop of the highest order. Does anyone know when the single comes out? Or his second album?

Wow, (not just because of this) I don't think my mood could get any better.


Paul said...

that's a lot of posts! Swedish boys are currently ruling popland. Though obviously simon curtis is an honourary swede. My Måns cd is getting worn out. Brother Oh Brother and the picture under the cd are very good. Maniac and the lack of pics inside are not. I am checking out Ola as we "speak" - how come my hair doesn't look like that when it is long? BOO! Oooo it's been a while since we talked pop star hair. hahahahaha. PS - you must check out the demos of Jonathan Fagerlund, he is also bringing it!!

Kevin said...

I understand about the lack of photos... Artists that are considered "pretty boy" and/or "hot" usually don't like putting too many pix of themselves, as they want to be taken seriously (more or less), and not just a pretty face.

And yes, PG, it is indeed ToNi, as it stands for Tony Nilsson. ;)

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha, Paul--I like how the pictures and songs are mentioned in the same breath! ;) I really like the Måns CD, too--"Brother Oh Brother" is the song that jumped out at me, too, though most of them pop to some degree. I wrote about Jonathan Fagerlund for the HotStuffFiles back in April--"Playing Me" is really good! "Love Revolution"'s not bad either. Do you have the full version of "Playing Me"? I've only got the clip on his MySpace.

Kevin...forgive my cluelessness, but what lack of photos are you referring to? Thanks so much for the information about ToNi! I know virtually nothing beyond that he's Swedish and what's on this page. I'd love to hear more from him, even if it's just things he's done for other people; "Natalie" is really really good.

Paul said...

I must have missed your JF contribution in April from being on hols in Florida! Yay i'm glad you like him too. I think Kevin is referring to my comment where i said i was unhappy at the lack of pics inside the Måns cd booklet!!

Kevin said...

Yes, Paul is right, I was referring to his previous comment. And for the record, I so totally agree with him. In fact, when I opened the booklet, those were my exact thoughts! 2-3 lousy pix, that we have already seen.

And another thing... His website's Galleries... Man, are they stingy! Those pix are tiny! Or is it just me? They do have hi-res of some pix... but they are for the press! (You need a password to download them). Double boo!

I don't like ballads much, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned it: "My Mistake" is a beautiful ballad, the best one on the album. It should be the love theme of a movie, to be played at the end of a movie. It MUST be a single.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, of course--I just wasn't thinking.

"My Mistake" is completely lovely--I wish there was a stronger word that managed to get across how good it is while still emphasizing how beautiful it is.

Fingers crossed for at least a new photo for the new single, then?

Anonymous said...

Olas "natalie" are now out and his second album is out 12 september :)