Saturday, April 07, 2007

You're a mistake that I make over and over

Wikipedia has Sweetbox listed as being a German group, though I'm not quite sure why; I suppose it's because of the nationality of producer GEO, because the current and third singer--and the only actual "member" I know of--is American (or so Wikipedia identifies her--I wouldn't even know where to begin with someone whose father was Filipino and mother was American but of German and Irish descent, was born in America, raised in Japan, then moved back to the U.S., and now lives in the UK). Making the situation even more complicated, the group seems to be most popular in some Asian countries, especially Japan. With Jade Villalon as lead singer, the group is generally what you'd call pop, though there are exceptions and other influences; single "Addicted" sounds like it samples some piece of classical music, for example. Sweetbox has a pretty big back catalogue--the group has been in existence since 1995 and has been releasing albums since 1998.

Over And Over--this song reminds me so closely of another artist, but I just can't place who. Maybe Cascada and Natalie Horder (from the little I know of their work) if they were a little less dance or techno and a little more pop? No, that can't be it--there are loads of singers who probably fit into this genre. Regardless, this is a catchy, sweet, slightly wistful mid-tempo song that is better than I can probably make it sound to be through description. There are these cute little twinkling sound effects that are a really nice touch and definitely improve the song, but the sweet and simple-sounding melody might have been enough to make the song pretty good even without them.

To buy Sweetbox's album Addicted, go here (physical). Apparently they've got better albums out there, though.

Next up: another German group.

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