Friday, April 13, 2007

You just knock me out, no matter what you do

Ooo! The video for Darin's song "Desire" just came out--you can watch it here, but it doesn't work on Firefox--so it must be the new single, right? Great choice, although there are a lot of songs on the album I'd probably say that about. Love the song, love the album--let everyone else have Justin Timberlake; I'll take Darin's music over his any day. Rather strangely, you can buy the video for "Desire," as well as the one for "Everything But The Girl," on the UK iTunes. Hopefully "Desire" does better than "Everything But The Girl," which was far better than any of the other ballads he's released as singles and yet peaked at #38 (that's really low for him, considering no previous single had peaked at lower than #6--does anyone know why?)

Real post coming in a little bit!


Paul said...

lumme! I turn my back for 2 minutes and you deluge me with great posts i need to comment on! What am i going to do when i am in florida???! Anyway, i am excited about the new Darin video, who knows why his last single flopped? Maybe it was just a blip, an anomaly, a glitch, an eclipse, a chicken sandwich?! Who can say :)

Poster Girl said...

Hah! You Don't Know Pop did the same thing to me yesterday--I felt sort of ridiculous leaving three comments in a row, but I had to. A chicken sandwich? ;) And I'm pretty envious of you getting to go to Florida--only slightly less so because it's warmer here now, but still, it's not Florida!