Friday, March 09, 2007

The sun touches my skin, but I'm freezing within

Belgian group Milk Inc. have a discography running from 1996 to today. They've had a number of changes of singer, but current singer Linda Mertens has held the spot for more than half of the group's lifespan. Their albums tend to launch loads of singles--their most recent album, Supersized, is on its sixth single. In regards to style, think dance, usually house-influenced (maybe trance-influenced? I don't know my different types of electronica). However, on their best songs, they manage to keep that style but mix it with a little pop--today's song is a case in point.

Run--the album's lead song (though not lead single), and a great choice in that respect, catchy, up-tempo, and entrancing. The piano (or piano-like) part running throughout the song grounds it, makes it seem less aloof and emotionless. That's not to say the song is suddenly warm or overrunning with emotion; rather, you can now appreciate the melody more than you might otherwise be able to. The fade-out at the end is lovely.

To buy Milk Inc.'s album Supersized, go here (physical) or here (digital).

(P.S. I think Jessica Poptastic likes Milk Inc. as well--you can read her [much earlier than mine] posts on them here.)

Next up: the Melodifestivalen final! I'm so excited!


POPtastic! (Jessica) said...

I do like Milk Inc =) Out of all of their albums, I really enjoyed Supersized. There are so many potential singles. I remembered from one of your previous post that you liked Click Five, so I just had to post this.

Although I’m not a huge fan of Click Fan, I loved “Say Goodnight”.


Hey Everyone! We hope you are all doing great! We are excited to announce that we have brought on a new singer. After several years of playing together we have decided to part ways with Eric. We know he will be missed by many and we wish him the best success in his other endeavors. All that said, things are getting very exciting for The Click Five! Get ready because the first single off our sophomore record will be hitting the airwaves within the next month, and we’ll be revealing the new singer as soon as we get some hot topless shots of him for you!

Changes come with the seasons and we are excited that this Spring is going to be the rebirth of everything we love about music. We’ll see you in your city soon!

Lets do it,

Ethan, Joe, Joey and Ben


Adem IAR said...

Do you remember "In My Eyes" from years back? There was an absolute CORKER of an extended remix of that with a thrown in electric guitar riff that used to get played every single week in the club I was working for at the time. Absolute ripper.

Poster Girl said...

Ahhh...well, at least it's confirmed now. Thanks, Jessica--I hadn't seen that message yet. It's much better to know for sure than to just suspect based on all the rumors, even if I am incredibly sad about it...I'll wait and hear before passing any final verdict (and a new single--that's good!), but I'm worried this'll lead to a style I don't like as much.

I know the original, but I don't think I've ever heard that remix--I may have to look for it, though!