Saturday, March 10, 2007

How can you leave me now?

I got back just in time! The final is just about to start! I'm hoping for a Måns victory, but expecting the Ark to win.

If you want to watch, you can do so (through Windows Media Player--there's also a Real Player feed) here.

Edit: acoustic version of "Evighet." Andreas up first. I might not write that much, unless I start to lose my feed and start complaining (which I'm very worried about).

Edit: thank goodness someone restyled Sebastian--he couldn't really look worse than he did during the semifinal. I really like his song--a lot. I always liked it, but it's been a grower, too. I felt Anna Book seemed a, or something, maybe vocally. I like Sonja's song as well. The stream was pretty bad during Sebastian's song, but it seems to have improved.

Edit: that acoustic guitar part in Marie's song really is lovely, and it's a nice song. Since I'm not worried (that much) about it winning, I think I'm able to enjoy it more. But Måns is up next!

Edit: oh. Maybe I've just listened to the studio recording so many times, it just me, or did this not seem as good as his semifinal performance? I felt like he dropped some letters or words, some of the gestures just seemed a little off, sounded breathy at bits...I think I'm always harsher on what I'm supporting the most, though. Don't get me wrong--I love the song, love the performance, but... Still, Måns to win! Up next we have the one song I absolutely under no circumstances could live with as the winner.

Edit: thank goodness we have something exciting after that performance from Tommy--Sanna's up next!

Edit: for a big ballad, Sarah's is good. I think I heard somewhere that Andreas Lundstedt is supporting her? Sanna's performance was full of strutting, fireworks, and general fun. The Ark up next.

Edit: boy, they put on a good performance, don't they? They make it look effortless. Now, how long do we have to wait for the results?

Edit: vote for song 6, Sweden! 099-239 06!

Edit: I love this musical. I wish I could understand it. Now they're singing "Alla Flickor."

Edit: the first set of results is in...and Måns wins the first 12 points! The Ark get the 10 and Sarah gets 8. Andreas only got 1--I'm surprised; isn't he predicted to be in the top 3?

Edit: Måns gets 6, Andreas gets 8, and the Ark get 12. Sarah's doing well.

Edit: is this going to going to end up being Sarah vs. Andreas vs. the Ark? Sarah gets 8, Andreas 10, and the Ark 12, with Måns only getting 6.

Edit: Magnus Backlund presenting results. Måns only gets 2 points! Oh no...the Ark only get 6 here...strange....Sarah gets 8, 10 to Sanna--that's nice to see. Andreas gets 12. I'm getting really worried.

Edit: 2 for Sarah, 8 for Måns, 10 for Andreas, 12 for the Ark. Is Måns no longer a contender? Magnus Carlsson to present the next results--bring some good ones!

Edit: only 1 point for Måns! Shock. 8 for the Ark, 10 for Sarah 12 for Andreas. Total, Måns has 33, the Ark 60, Sarah 46, and Andreas 53.

Edit: oh goodness--Jessica's hair! Only 2 points for Måns. 4 for Sarah, 8 to the Ark, 10 to Sonja, 12 to Andreas. Sebastian's catching up to Måns.

Edit: 4 for Måns--is there even any point in me reporting what he's getting? Total, the Ark have 80, Andreas 73, Sarah 60, Måns 39, and Sonja and Sebastian tied at 31.

Edit: points are all over the place, but it seems to be a pretty set Ark victory. I'm so surprised (and disappointed) Måns isn't doing better, though.

Edit: Marie gets her first points (4). 8 for Andreas, 10 for Måns, 12 for the Ark.

Edit: Carola's presenting now...brings it all up to Andreas at 101, the Ark at 116, Sarah at 78, and Måns at 61.

Edit: we're seeing the phone numbers again. Sebastian's song is so much better than Andreas's.

Edit: telephone votes in, and the Ark win! I am happy for them, and my mood is somewhat improved by the fact that poor Måns got the second highest number of the public's votes. Andreas got the third highest and Sarah the fourth. As for overall results, Andreas came 2nd with 189, Måns 3rd with 171, and Sarah 4th with 122. It's probably just as well for any breakable objects nearby me that Mans didn't win--I think they would've ended up thrown up in the air in excitement. Can I hazard a guess that Måns would've got more votes from the public if he'd been in the top 3 after the juries' results? I would've thought the lead the top 3 had would've encouraged people to vote strategically for one of those, not for Måns. Congratulations to the Ark, though! The stream was generally great, too--skippy during Sebastian's performance, but that's about it.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read what you are writing.
What do you think about joining Moopy - We have a Eurovision forum and lots of Melodifestivalen banter

Hope to see you there :D

Nick said...

I am absolutely over the moon! Well deserved... and I can't wait to see them in Eurovision!!

Poster Girl said...

I'm normally pretty leery about joining forums...but that looks incredibly tempting...

As you should be! :) Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't feel like a hugely strong year in general, which could be a really good sign for them.

Robpop said...


The Ark ( I Love them sooo much ) but yawn.

In happier news PayTV are back with a new album (check out DSTP)


DSTP has an EXCLUSIVE interview with a girlband hottie.

I'm sorry but the Swedish have just voted for boring.

(of course in the context of mainstream music industry the song is absolutely amazing-but in the auspices of Eurovision its highly dull)

popplastic said...

What about Marie Lindberg? I thought she was great! I was dissapointed The Ark won but it is a good song.

Jamie said...

Bloody Ark. Grrrrr. They seem to have nicked an entire part of their routine from Bowie's legendary performance of 'Star Man' on TOTPs.

Poster Girl said...

Oooo! Official news! I'm off to check :)

I think now that I'm not worried about someone I wanted to win more losing out to Marie, I'm appreciating her song more--there's something about that guitar part that gets me.

Poor Mans :( I was really hoping for a win from him. I would've loved to see Sanna do well, too. I'm surprised at how well I've reacted so far...I think it helps that, though I wasn't hoping for a win by them, I did put their song in the "acceptable for it to win" category.

Adrian said...

I thought Mans dancers left it a bit late to appear. But when they did it was superb. I also loved the opening shot with him in silhouette. Very Chicago, as my boyfriend commented.