Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maybe I can solve your mystery, are you ready?

Slight interruption of the unofficial special--it's a little Eurovision update instead. To start it off, what people are saying is the final studio version of Nash's "I Love You Mi Vida" for Spain is out. Nash probably need no introduction here, given the somewhat excessive amounts I was writing about them last week. I'm not so sure about this version, but it sounds like a song that's going to sound much better live (assuming the boys can work on their singing). It's not that it's bad or's just not knock-me-off-my feet quality, I guess. However, I haven't had a chance to play it loudly yet, and that might greatly increase my opinion of it. Don't get me wrong--I still like it!

I Love You Mi Vida

Actually, I think I'm being a bit harsh on boy bands in general today...I think I'll be listening to this a lot in the future. Plus, given the picture ESC Today used for their article about the filming of Nash's promotional video for the song, I'm sure they'll be dancing in it.

Also on the "already chosen for Eurovision" tip, I rather like the Greek entry. Sung by Sarbel, it may be extremely derivative, but it is fun. I actually meant to mention him when I was writing about Manuel Ortega, because his song has been drawing a lot of Ricky Martin comparisons. I guess it's what you'd get if you made a Latin-influenced pop song with a little Greek influence, and were dealing strictly with the stereotypical sounds of those countries/regions. Still, it's fun and, though no one should probably ever utter the line "her hips, lust in motion" again, I like it. He can't really be saying "dancing like a cheeky girl," though, can he?

Yassou Maria

I'm also enjoying Belarus's entry this year. Dmitry Koldun's song has drawn some comparisons to Dima Bilan's from last year, and creation-wise there's some connection (the lyrics writer, or something, maybe? I've forgotten). Everyone keeps comparing it to James Bond songs, which would probably mean more to me if I'd seen more than one James Bond movie (I'd probably like them; I've just never seen many of them). In lieu of that, I'd say think drama with slightly/comparatively darker undertones.

Work Your Magic

I also like Denmark's entry this year, which you can hear over at Will's Eye-Pod. There's a lot of entries I haven't heard so far, though, so I may be leaving out some good ones.

If you want to hear all the entries chosen so far, I'd really recommend this site.

When the official Eurovision CD becomes available, you should be able to buy it from here.

Next up: a song from either Belgium or Sweden.


Adrian said...

I think the NASH version of I Love You Mi Vida is nowhere near as strong as the demo version with Rebeca which sounded like a track with real energy. Their voices aren't really up to the rasp that Rebeca had, and having to harmonise splits the strong sound.

I'm still in love with Koldun's song, it's the force on "work your magik" in the chorus that gets me.

Poster Girl said...

I think that's the problem I'm having with it, too--the demo version was a lot stronger. It's still a good song, but not as good as it could be.