Friday, March 09, 2007

If you ever need me, well here I am

The best video of the year so far just came out today. Forget Mans. Forget Christina Aguilera. It's all about Magnus Carlsson's new video for "Live Forever."

(The Schlagerboys have the video.)

It it kitschy? Yes. Does it look like it was made on a budget of about $15 (not $5, as they did have to put in all those computer "effects," after all)? Yes. Is it still absolutely brilliant? Definitely yes. It's simultaneously the most ridiculous, most random, and craziest thing I've seen all year, and I love it.

I think my favorite bit (and there are an incredible number of things to love, so it changes around a lot) may be...well, you know how everyone (including Magnus himself) says the song sounds sort of like a-ha? Well...I won't spoil it, so just go watch the video already!

(Real post coming later today.)


Nick said...

Wow. What a funny video. It's gonna look even worse in a few years... it reminds me of Tim Curry's part in The Worst Witch, which is a delightfully good thing.

Poster Girl said...

I really want to know what the director was thinking. Flying books! Those binocular-esque things! Bouncing soccer ball--no, bouncing disco ball! Cannon! Disco! Angel wings! Bunches of Magnuses that disappear with a gesture! With this and the BWO videos (the dogs here made me think of the one in "Chariots of Fire"), I want to get whatever the Swedish equivalent of MTV is.

melodimen said...

Love the A-ha, Abba, Alcazar references! Amazing what you can do with a green screen!

Magnus should be in the finalen!

Poster Girl said...

He should have been! I'm still moping a bit... I think I get more out of this video each time I watch it.