Monday, March 05, 2007

Love is all we need

Ooo, the new Måns Zelmerlöw video is on YouTube!

It's amazing the number of things you notice when you can actually watch the video as opposed to seeing a blurry still image every ten seconds! Ghost-like dancers almost make up for the fact that there's no actual dancing during the chorus (that build up--you can't tell me it's not crying out for people to break into a dance routine)...but, luckily, we do get real dancing at the end!

I was going to complain about there being so much standing around looking moody, but...umm...well, let's just say I see where QX was coming from. Those moments with the girl? The whole video? Intense.

Yeah, I'm not going to complain about this video at all.

(Talk about meant to be a popstar--he's got those smoldering looks and dramatic movements down pat, doesn't he?)

(All right, so being more critical for a moment, I still do think that first chorus could use more action of some sort, and I'm not actually so sure about the group dancing we do get at the end [though I do like all the cutting back and forth between different images we get at the end], but still, the song is absolutely amazing and the video's OK.)


Paul said...

i wanted to say something insightful and witty and profound about this video. instead all i can come up with is

homina homina homina

Anonymous said...

WTF is homina?

And while we are at it, RAR??? Oh you silly Brits.

How do you say... "HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in Swedish?

Anonymous said...

Oh PG, I love your 'love' for dancing on videos. They all should have them...

I stuck with it all the way just to see the dancing, and it was worth it.


Goggle said...

I don't know, I don't like the ghost dancers (ghosts scare me). But the parts with the actual girl are good, as is the actual dancing at the end.

J'ason D'luv said...

He needs nighttime secret dirty touch.

Robpop said...

Darling are we aware that one A.Callea has been accidentally outed on Australian radio (where else really) his boyfriends old mate...

Expect a statement very soon. I hope they deal with it in the Will Young way and not the ClayWay.

Poster Girl said...

That's OK, Paul--I wasn't expecting lots of deep thoughts!

It's the sound of being without words...and re: Swedish--that's a pretty important question to have answered!

I love choreographed group dance routines maybe a little too much. They make my day :) Glad it was worht it!

I'm not a fan of ghosts, either--I think I was just glad that their was some sort of action at the chorus, as opposed to him just sitting there--it's such a dramatic build, though, that it feels like it's calling out for something more than that.

J'ason--interesting choice of phrase!

Robpop, no, I hadn't heard--I'm very out of the popstar loop! It's always been a very Darren Hayes-esque situation for him--"keeping my private life private" line, etc. etc., but loads and loads of rumors/someone who knows someone who knows an ex, so it's far from a be honest, I've always sort of seen it as a question of "when." I really really hope he deals with it in the "Will Young way" as you put it. I'm worried, though; it is his decision to make, but I don't think following Clay's example is the way to go.

(On the twilight zone side of things, the comparisons between him and Clay keep popping up--though not musically, thank goodness--runner up on the second season of Idol, the idol of young girls, beaten by a somewhat larger individual, going on to do better sales-wise than the person who beat them, [used to be] spikey hair, big voices, now this...I hope they're not about to continue.)