Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another night, another day, what can I say

Return of insomnia (or rather, continued existence of), so I thought I'd link to some of the things that are keeping me entertained in my unable-to-sleep hours.

Troy reports back from Sweden! He's going to see the Melodifestivalen final and he's already bought 32 new CDs...I think I may be a little jealous, but I'm so excited to hear all about it! I forgot to mention this earlier, but he's got a great feature on Swedish singer (but most of her songs are in English) Jessica Folcker up at the moment (I'd recommend starting with "How Will I Know Who You Are")--Max Martin produced and wrote some of the songs on her first album, y'know...

The Zapping interviews Ben Adams, who also has a new (well, not that new, but I forgot to mention it at the time) demo up at his MySpace.

Go congratulate Alyson at CFB Goes Pop!

A few days ago or so, Ronny & Ronney's Schlagerblogg mentioned that Måns Zelmerlöw and Linda Bengtzing had shared a taxi home from some function, and I get the impression there's been some speculation in the media. Now, I know nothing about anything, and I don't want to be jumping ahead of things in a Natasha Bedingfield-esque way, but I will say they would definitely beat Sandra and Jimmy in the ultimate schlagerbebis sweepstakes.

I'm amazed that Adem is going back to school, and apparently I really need to catch up on One Tree Hill someday. Plus he's just done a much better and coherent roundup than this.

A few days ago, I thought this post at My Citrus Sarcophagus about spam was really funny--and yup, that's still true now.

Is everyone going to Melodifestivalen? Talent In A Previous Life is off as well...I can't wait to read his signature snarky (maybe not quite the right word--sounds too harsh--but I'm too tired to think of the right one) commentary on it all. Maybe I should just book a flight to Sweden--it'd probably be cheaper than paying these import prices.

I am not a fan of the Feeling's North American album cover...but on the plus side, the album was prominently advertised on a Canadian digital music site I use. That's got to count for something, right?

Don't Stop The Pop has a MySpace! Let the competition to be in the top 8 friends begin.

I love the songs by Greek singer Marianta Pieridi over at PopMusicWorldWide, and I love the writing accompanying them.

I've neglected to mention one of my favorite Eurovision entries so far, Dmitry Koldun's "Work Your Magic," but The Goggles Do Nothing has the video for it, along with the video for Natalia Barbu's "Fight."

...and there's about a million other sites I'm reading right now. Crazy at it may seem, I really do read everything in my links...but with a links section that big, I think things get lost, in terms of people finding new sites to enjoy. I'm thinking about doing a mini-description of one blog a day or a week or something, just to let people know more about them and try to entice people into visiting them.


Paul said...

i have a lot of links in my favourites too, but i have to choose which ones to visit (other than the essentials i visit daily!) otherwise my life would be spent on this computer!! hehe/ anyhoo - antony callea, eh? How horrible of his ex to out him... so perez hilton and evil :(

Poster Girl said...

I think it was a friend of an ex, or maybe not even an ex--I can't totally understand what the statement is saying. But yes--being forced out...apparently the radio guy is saying he didn't know it wasn't common knowledge (cue lots of "hilarity" among commentators)...

Adem IAR said...

Australian talk-back radio man is discussing an old friend from school. Talk-back radio man then makes mention that his old friend from school (a male) is/was the boyfriend of Anthony Callea.

Cue producer going nuts in the next room, motioning him to shut his mouth. Follow that with Talk-back radio man quickly changing the subject to the traffic update.


Particularly hilarious is the comment about it being common knowledge... a leading National Newspaper made a small mention of this yesterday claiming quite simply "The discussion of Anthony Callea's recent outing would have been brought up at some point today had it actually been news." Ouch.

Oh and uni is going well, aside from absolutely HATING the text book I have to read for the Film Studies class... it's the most boring read I think I'll ever experience.

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I sort of had the impression (think I mentioned it in another comment in response to Robpop) it was pretty common knowledge...I don't think the "I'm too busy to have a girlfriend" line really fooled anyone, the "keeping my private life private" sounded awful familiar, and it sounds like everyone knew someone who knew someone who knew that Anthony was gay. I am waiting to see what he does next...

Argh, that's awful--it sounds like Film Studies could actually be really interesting, otherwise!