Sunday, February 25, 2007

Then I get near you, I stop thinking clearly

Much as I am not rooting for Marie Lindberg in Melodifestivalen, I do have my moments where I like the sweet female singer-songwriter sound, though it's got to fall solidly into the category of pop. American singer Arden Kaywin fits into that description perfectly. I'm not the betting sort, but I think there's a very good chance she'll break into the mainstream in years to come; her debut album is good, but I have a feeling the followup will surpass it. Unlike so many singer-songwriters, she seems to have a real knack for creating memorable songs that will be floating through your head for days and have you singing along. She's also very definitely pop, which I love; she just happens to fall a little more on the singer-songwriter side of the spectrum. Plus, she's got an Ohio connection: she graduated from Oberlin College. Her biography compares her to Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette (which could intrigue you or turn you off, but either way doesn't really get across her style), though I'd probably throw in Sofia Loell. Give her a try, though--she's got such a pretty voice, and her songs fit perfectly with it, really nailing the pop appeal aspect.

On The Edge--if I was going to usually compare Arden to Sofia Loell, here I'd say she also picks up a bit of the best of Vanessa Carlton. Lovely melodic piano-based verses lead into a stop-start, up-and-down chorus. In just about two and a half minutes, she manages to construct this gorgeous sweet little song that just envelops you in the best possible way. In fact, I sort of wish it was a little longer--I'd love to hear that chorus one more time.

To buy Arden Kaywin's debut album Quarter Life Crisis, go here (physical) or go to iTunes; for example, if you live in the U.S., go here, but I think it's available in all countries' iTunes stores.

Next up: possibly something Melodifestivalen related, but maybe not.


Paul said...

oh you know i love my piano and this is just gorgeous. how typical of record companies to go with a lazy comparison (alanis/ the mc-clock) although i can see why they do. But surely better to highlight her uniqueness? Anyway, a lovely tune and it is available on UK iTunes...

Poster Girl said...

It really is a lazy comparison--it's better at showing what she is (a female singer-songwriter) than what she sounds like. I'm glad you like it! :)