Sunday, February 25, 2007

Elegante y guapa y con sensualidad

Oh, this is too cute in a car crash television sort of way. Out of the five artist-and-song combinations that made it to Spain's superfinal last night, Nash had two of them. I've already posted a link to the winning performance, but this was the other one.

What's going on at the beginning of that first verse, boys? Forget the words? Still, the holding up the pictures part is just too cute and clever in a novelty-esque way--the pictures they're holding up when they say "I'm lookin' for a girl" are of the four girls they were competing against in the final.

How amazing is Mirela, though? Singing "La Reina de la Noche," she took second. I think there are other songs I would have preferred her to be singing, but I hope she enters Mision Eurovision again. She can sing, she's gorgeous...and she's only 16!

However, I think the following may still be my favorite performance out of all that I've seen of Mision Eurovision (if you only watch one thing out of all these videos, make it the first minute of this one.)

How brilliant is that chair idea? The singer, Gisela, was only demonstrating the song, back when people were voting to choose which songs were best; she was never in the running to represent Spain, but I think Spain should swap the dancers for Turkey's dancers from last year and send this song and this routine next year.

(I still have to watch Nazaret's performances.)


Paul said...

hahahahaha - nash's performance made me actually warm to them for all their eton road-esque rubbishness :)

Poster Girl said...

They have some stuff to work on before Eurovision, no? But it is very made me like them more, too!