Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gee! Fantasy! I wanna be the one to set you free

Belle Perez is Belgian, but her Spanish parents seem to have influenced a lot of her musical decisions lately; many of her recent songs have been in Spanish and have a definite Latin sound to them. When her career began, though, she was very much a bubblegum pop singer. She's tried to represent Belgium at Eurovision several times, during both phases of her music, but has never been successful. In the late '90's or very early in 2000, her record company tried to build up some U.S. interest around her, but she never ended up taking off here; still, she's gone on to build herself a strong career in Belgium (and to some degree, the Netherlands, I think), even if her singles don't always go top 5, and is currently on her fourth studio album (she's also released a live album and a greatest hits).

(I know that's not the greatest picture, but I couldn't find a better one.)

Honeybee--from her bubblegum pop period, "Honeybee," as far as I can tell, doesn't share the same topic as Billie Piper's "Honey To The Bee"--it is actually about a boy, I think. It would have fit right in among the pop music of the late '90's and early 2000's across the world, and it's really a cute catchy song. Mid-tempo but full of bouncy energy, it's instantly appealing but might not get stuck in your head on first listen; still, you'll find yourself coming back to it, and pretty soon, it will be firmly and inescabably lodged in your mind.

You can buy Belle Perez's album The Best Of here (physical).

Next up: Dutch music that I still haven't totally gotten over being embarrassed about liking.


PinkieDust said...

Its like James Blunt never happened.

Paul said...

to be a solid pop princess you have to have the sleeve where your hair is all blown by the wind in a "sexy" manner.

ps - i like la blunt. sssshhh

PinkieDust said...

PPG, to get Paul on board i've moved Akindoflovein over to Google. Will ya still be able to post? I think I've managed to lure Paul on board! I'm off again next week to Austria. Can't wait for the next Spice Girl episode! RAR!

J'ason D'luv said...

Here's a perhaps little-known fact -- Belle Perez's "Hello World" played in the infamous scene on Felicity at the beginning of season two when she cut all her hair off. I ran out and bought the single after that.

Is "Kiss And Make Up" on her greatest hits a cover of Saint Etienne, I wonder?

J'ason D'luv said...

P.S. "Hello World" probably isn't on the DVD of seaon two, since most television shows only license the rights to songs for 5 years. So even if they rushed the DVD out right after the season, they couldn't use the original music unless they stopped selling it after 5 years. Most likely, it got replaces with some unknown song by an unsigned artist.

Poster Girl said...

I just switched over to the new Blogger, so I should still be able to post--great to have you back, Pinkie (even if it's just for a bit before you go travelling again)!

You should see the video, Paul--she's really got the wind machine working in that!

Really? I had no idea! If you were able to find the single and the song was actually used on Felicity, they must have been making at least somewhat of an effort to break her here. I don't have "Kiss And Make Up" yet, but it doesn't look like the lyrics are the same...I'll let you know if I find out!