Sunday, January 21, 2007

When you just wanna tell him everything

I do love my boys with guitars music (when it's done well, and some types of it are better than others), but for the next three days, if all goes as planned, we'll have none of that: three women, no guitars (well, pretty much), all from Denmark. We'll start with the cheesy uplifting music from a young singer, then move onto the former reality TV contestant, then move on to the most..."interesting" of them.

Simone is fourteen years old, but she's already on her third album. Of course, the first was all Disney covers and the second was all holiday covers, so how much they count is debatable, but she nevertheless released them. As with a lot of these Danish singers, I don't know that much about her. I do always feel strange listening to music by these really young popstars (well, except JoJo, I guess, but she doesn't sound that young when she sings).

That's When You Know--I really feel like this is a cover, but I don't know of what, so please let me know if you know (or if you know that it isn't)! It is very young-sounding, but it's also superhappy uplifting girly pop. It's not going to win points for sophistication, but hopefully that combination of cute verses (one of the few moments Simone's youth works to her advantage) and the ending of the choruses (the chorus is sweet, but possibly the best moments in them occur when we get this almost...for lack of a better word, gospel-like backing, especially when we get them to close out the song). And really, it is, in its own way, sort of fabulous.

Losing My Cool--I'm convinced that Simone can't be singing this whole song, and I'm not just referring to the backing vocals--there are some moments where a change occurs (for example, around 2:17 and 3:07) that can't just be a change in her voice, can it? Maybe it is. Well, it probably is her, but it's just such a change that I feel like I'm listening to a duet sometimes. This is more low-key than "That's When You Know" (and in my opinion "That's When You Know" is better), but still sweet. It is still very young-sounding, which might put some people off, and I'm not sure that it won't reach its expiration date soon, but right now I'm enjoying it.

To buy Simone's album Dreams Do Come True, go here (physical) or here (digital). I'd probably recommend going the digital route so you can pick and choose what songs you want to buy; there are a lot that aren't essential.

Next up: a former reality contestant runner-up.


Paul said...

a girl? I thought i had clicked onto the wrong site!! hehe - did she do a cover of Like I Love You?? Wow - i had to sit down. A girl!! :)

Poster Girl said...

I know! And all girls for three straight days! Hard to believe, isn't it?