Saturday, January 20, 2007

If I'm right then prove me wrong

I am an awful McFly fan. Apparently, on January 16, they announced their next single (due out February 26)...

...and it's the Dougie-penned and -featuring "Transylvania." I'm not sure what to make of this news--on the one hand, it's the song a lot of people have been praising and wishing was a single. On the other hand, IT WAS ALREADY the b-side to "Star Girl." Not only that, the confirmed b-sides are all live tracks or already released (though they're hinting that there are some others, and one of the live tracks is a song called "You’ve Got To Fight," which I don't know--is it a cover? Something they performed on tour?). Wouldn't you want to give the fans a real incentive to buy a single if they already have that song on the album? They must think that their fans will buy anything they put out (which maybe they will)...I don't know, the whole thing just doesn't seem very well planned out to me.

All that, though, does not take away from the fact that this is an AMAZING song, one of the best songs on the best album of 2006. Hopefully the general public will come to realize that...

In terms of the video--well, let's just quote their official site:

"[The video] will see all the boys dressed up as…..well girls in a gothic castle, with nasty villains, damsels in distress and over the top shenanigans. Think Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare before Christmas mixed with , Grease, Bugsy Malone and a bit of Charlie Chaplin!"

Let's hope the good video streak started by "Sorry's Not Good Enough" isn't broken. Traditionally, the fourth singles from the albums do tend to have the most out-there videos ("Room On The Third Floor," "The Ballad of Paul K"), so this one should be interesting, if nothing else.

(Incidentally, while I was finding that picture--credit to was an interesting Google ad over in the sidebar:

What do you suppose the going price is?)


Paul said...

sigh. i didn't know this either. Your veronica marsness wasn't very good in getting this info was it! lol ;) Anyway i have much the same feelings as you - great great track, but really? Oh well... top ten debut then number 29 the next week :(

Poster Girl said...

It wasn't--maybe I'm losing my touch! ;) But yeah...I just don't get it--I think this is the album with their best work, and the work that should be most accessible to the general public. Maybe the first couple of singles (though I still love "Please, Please") put people off?