Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm standing on the sun with nothing else to hide

Are you all ready? Today: the brilliance (and tragedy) of Mexican singer Fey's album Vértigo.

I've written about Fey once before, but then had only heard her adorable most recent album, Faltan Lunas (which is still a great album). Since then, I've started to do a bit of catching up (though I'm still far from hearing all of her work), and wow--it's a complete shame that she's not more famous in the U.S. and Europe. Since I'm still new to her, if I get any of the following information wrong, please correct me!

Fey began her career as a '90's pop sensation with a series of albums that were huge sucesses--her first album went triple platinum, her second album went diamond, and her third album went five times platinum (now, granted, those weren't the U.S. standards for platinum, but that's still huge success, since you really have to look at the size of the markets she was releasing in). Then, worn out by all the work and touring, she retired in 1999.

In 2002, she returned, with a goal of finally breaking Europe and the U.S. as well as, of course, still doing well in her home country and the rest of Latin America. Vértigo, the new album, marked a change in direction for Fey--more mature, more electronic, and often darker. It came in two versions: a one disc version, all in Spanish, and a two disc version, which included a second disc in English that was mainly English versions of the original songs but also several other songs. It is, in all seriousness, one of my favorite albums, and I've only been listening to it for a couple of months.

So what happened to this masterpiece of an album, the album both critics and fans viewed as her best ever? It sold one time gold, and then disappeared, with only one single, "Sé Lo Que Vendrá" (or "The Other Side" in English, though that's not what the title actually translates to), ever really launched. Promotion for the second single was poor and Fey broke up with her long-time manager and record company. (One fan site says that the album was later relaunched and sold platinum--does anyone know? Most sites don't mention that.) It's such a shame that this album isn't better known--there's a lot on it I think people would really enjoy.

Post-Vértigo, Fey has released two albums, one, La Fuerza Del Destino, featuring covers of Mecano songs and one that I've previously mentioned, Faltan Lunas, which is that pop-electronica mix filled with really adorable songs.

The Other Side--the lead single. Fey's English isn't unaccented, but, if you don't mind Eurovision, then it should be no problem whatsoever, because she speaks it much more clearly than many contestants in that do. "The Other Side" is still pop, but it's also heavily influenced by electronica and dance. The backing is just gorgeous--I don't even know how to put it into words--spinning and remote and just generally amazing; it's like dancing in outer space. In all honesty, I think "The Other Side" might just be perfection encapsulated in song form (small side note: there are many kinds of perfection; McFly might create a perfect song, too, but it would sound nothing like this).

Dressing To Kill--choosing the second song was so difficult--do I go with one of the sweet, beautiful songs? The darker songs? A slow song? A fast one? Ultimately, I chose "Dressing To Kill" because it's immediate and catchy, but trust me, these two songs can't even begin to show the depth and breadth of this album. "Dressing To Kill" (or "Noche Ideal" in Spanish) was the second single and, while "The Other Side" reached #1 on the charts, "Dressing To Kill" only made it to #67. "Dressing To Kill" might not be quite as gorgeously sweeping as "The Other Side," but there's no reason, quality-wise, there should have been that great a disparity between their chart performances, which to me shows that something really must have (I know, the fallback explanation for all underserved music failures) gone wrong with the promotion.

You can buy Fey's two most recent albums on iTunes (Faltan Lunas seems to be available in most of the countries, and some of the songs on it are just so cute and happy that they are must-buys; "Me Has Vuelto Loca," "Faltan Lunas," and "Tres Razones" would be good starting points), but Vértigo isn't available there (I'm guessing it's because of the record company switch). I'm still not sure where you can buy the special Mexican two-disc edition besides hoping to get lucky on eBay, but you can get the single disc (all in Spanish) version here (physical). I really can't recommend it enough!

Next up: maybe an American "group" I've written about once before.


PinkieDust said...
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PinkieDust said...

I LOVE FEY! She makes me go a little bit straight! Her mecano cover is sublime! Although you really cant go wrong with mecano!

As for da blog:

Its about anything. Pop, fashion, disco, news, life, culture, society....I dunno...maybe like a diary. Its just a chance to talk about things...Wanna join? Things so far covered are Forbidden Broadway, girlbands, Tobi legend and Julie Driscoll.


Posts can be about anything. Homework...facts..pets that could rule the world...brilliant handbags or politics.


Mister ChartRigger?! Explain your comment?! You 'do' us?

Digital Technique said...

Another great post!! Had never heard of Fey before your previous post on her!! What an amazing song The Other Side is!! Such a shame it was never released in Europe - although am kind of surprised nobody has seen the amazingness of this song and covered it!! Dannii Minogue??

Robpop said...

Oh Fey. The English side is VERY rare these days. Most sites sell the boring spanish side.

Fey is fare more interesting that Thalia yet she appears to sell more. Me thinks its shagging the sony boss that helps. Also the telenovelas.

Great post yet again PPG! BatGirl would be proud!

Poster Girl said...

Pinkie, she is so completely amazing! She should be one of those artists whose name everyone knows, and yet hardly anyone seems to. I haven't heard the Mecano album yet, though, just Tierna la Noche, Faltan Lunas, and Vertigo...so, La Fuerza del Destino is the next one to go to? The blog sounds like a great idea--I might like to join, but let me think about it first.

Completely agree--I'm so surprised no one (that I know of) has covered that song, because it should have been a huge hit!

Robpop, it's such a shame that it's so rare, because all the English-only songs are great...I looked forever for where you could buy it, so I could provide the link for others (and so I could get my own physical copy), but unless people wanted to pay $200, nothing. I had no idea about Thalia and the Sony boss, though! And thanks :)

daydreamer said...

I love Fey. i've known about her since I was like 14 or 15. Her music is so great. even on her first album she has some songs with a dance influnce. You should also listen to her first ablum its called Fey. a good song on it is called "La Noche Se Mueve (Remix)".

As for the double disc Vertigo. It never came out in the US only the spianish disc did. The double disc wasonly avaiable in Mexico. I remeber I once saw the english viedo for i believe the "the other side". It was on a spainsh station. and then they showed the spainsh version the next day.

Poster Girl said...

I'll have to look for her first album, then! So far, I've only heard Faltan Lunas, Tierna La Noche, and the English disc of Vertigo. It seems sort of strange that only the Spanish disc was released in the U.S. So there were videos for both versions? Interesting...

Victor De la O said...

I agree with you. The best album ever made by Fey is Vertigo. Cos She tried to experiment with electronics sounds like Electro-House. I heard that with this album, she became the first latin artist to make Electro-House Music in 2002 in all Latin America. If you like to listen a great single made by herself check this song:

Sony Music were cowardly to refuse to promote her, with one of the best album never made by Fey nowdays.

Anonymous said...

Fey never wanted to participate in telenovelas, and I agree, Vertigo is like a hidden album that Sony doesn't want to show to the world. How stupids they are!!

Wait for the re-edition of Faltan Lunas with 2 english tracks.