Thursday, November 16, 2006

Te atrapé en mi red

Fey grew up in Spain, but she was born in Mexico and is almost always thought of as a Mexican artist. She's had a relatively long career, releasing her first album back in 1995. Her music career has almost ended multiple times--back in 1999, after a year of especially intense promotion for her third album, she announced her retirement. She decided to come out of retirement in 2002 to release her fourth album, Vertigo, of which there were two versions, one in Spanish and one in English. When the album, despite its positive critical reception, didn't sell quite as well as her previous ones, she "retired" again. In 2004, though, she returned yet again, releasing her fifth album, La Fuerza de Destina, which did well commercially. Her most recent album, Faltan Lunas, came out this past summer, and has some really cute songs on it. Sound-wise, it's an interesting album; the songs definitely feel like pop, often with a bit of dance influence, but there's often a sense of them being underlain by electronica (though you can't hear that as much with the following song).

Me Has Vuelto Loca--I'm sort of a sucker for almost anything that has handclaps in it. However, those really aren't the main focus of this song; instead, it's the light, happy beat, over which all Fey really has to do is sing sweetly to ensure that the final product is just adorable. It's not obviously innovative, and it's not a challenging listen (though I suspect it's more complex than it may feel), but those aren't requirements for a good song. It's not necessarily the sort of song that, if you heard it on the radio, you'd stop in your tracks, stunned by the sheer amazingness of it, but more the sort of song you just want to coo at, pat encouragingly on the head, or cuddle with. I don't mean that in a patronizing sense, but rather that the song is designed to be so cute and shiny that that's your innate response.

To buy Fey's album Faltan Lunas, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: some of the other songs (especially "Faltan Lunas" and "Tres Razones") on Faltan Lunas are just so adorable and fun that I'll probably be posting a couple of them soon (but don't let that stop you from buying the album--it's definitely a worthy purchase, and given my track record, who knows when I'll actually get around to writing about the other songs), but tomorrow will most likely be that song in Spanish that I keep promising (don't get your expectations for it too high, though!).


BsMx said...

her "Vertigo" album is so great! her best one! i'm a fan of hers since i was a child and have all her cd's, if you want any song or something pls let me know :)

I luv ur blog

Paul said...

this will do nicely for my holiday in the canaries in a couple of weeks :) Beats Las Ketchup anyday...

Poster Girl said...

I think I may be at risk of overplaying Faltan Lunas at the moment--I love it! And I had heard Vertigo that is even better, which means I will probably absolutely adore it! I may have to take you up on the offer, or at least on a couple of songs, if I can't manage to find the album in one of the stores around here :) And thank you!

Paul, you're going to the Canaries?! I knew you were leaving, but I didn't know/forgot you were going somewhere that good ;) Have a great time when you go (but I don't know how you couldn't)!

Anonymous said...

Fey's my favourite artist from all the time, Vertigo is the best album, I'm glad you liked it as well as Faltan Lunas* It's been said that FL* would be re-realized with 2 english tracks; 'Til forever(Faltan Lunas)& Just Dancing (Solo por bailar) but Emi her ex-record label hasnt said anything bout it.
The 2° single for FL* is: Como un ángel, releazed only in a few places.

Anonymous said...

fey is the best latinoamérica singer, I like all her songs from the album " fey " until "faltan lunas."

it is incredible all her music and she is the dearest and famous in Mexico

I love her disk "tierna la noche"