Friday, December 08, 2006

Me ves llegar en mi lamborghini

With cover art like that and promotional pictures like this, you might be surprised to learn that Spanish-born Mexican singer Belinda appeared in the Disney Channel movie Cheetah Girls 2 and is on the soundtrack for it. There are teen pop elements to her music, though, and Belinda is fairly young--about 17. She was really young when she released her self-titled debut album, though--not even thirteen! That album, which went double platinum in Mexico and launched a bunch of #1 singles, featured covers of Kim-Lian's "Teenage Superstar" and K-otic's "I Don't Understand You." Her second album, Utopia, branches out a bit more (not always successfully) and is probably an attempt to sound more "mature."

Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama--Utopia's lead single. It's guitar-heavy pop, primarily in Spanish, though the one part of it you're most likely to remember is the random line in English, "You're hot...I forgot," which she tosses off cutely but without commitment, in contrast to the strong, dismissive, maybe even angry attitude her voice shows in the rest of the song as she sings to the boy she's getting rid of. The music video features quick appearances by Disney Channel star and singer Raven and the boy (well, man, I suppose) who did most of the singing for Zac Efron's character in High School Musical, Drew Seeley. Does that beginning sound familiar to anyone else, though?

Quien Es Feliz--the first few seconds are a little off-putting, but the catchiness and quality starts to pick up soon into the song, and you realize this might not be another song with angry, girl-power Belinda telling off a boy, but instead...a love song? Yup--"Quien Es Feliz" even has some rock-ballad elements, though it's mainly not a slow song. The guitars are still important here, but it's not quite as rock-out sounding. The really exciting part of this song is the chorus, which has Belinda's voice soaring and high, really lifting the song above a lot of the others on the album. The middle, where Belinda switches to a sweet delivery, is great, too.

Noche Cool--a strong guitar opening gives way to Belinda rapping, which I'm sure some people won't like, but I think it works, even if it is sort of funny. Once again, it's less rocky than "Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama;" though it's still rocky, it adds in a little glitz, too. There's a great contrast between the rapid fire verses and the chorus, where the words flow more and are often dragged out. There are some DJ-like sound effects, heavy breathing, and kiss-off sound effects (supposedly kisses, but there's far too much attitude in them for them to come off as sweet); really, a music video for this would have to have a lot of dancing in a dark club.

To buy Belinda's second album, Utopia, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: possibly that Swedish singer.


Robpop said...

Ok, this is an over all message to your previous posts which i'd been meaning to comment but didnt get the time to. First of all...I love Belinda and Noche Cool is bonza track.

Sebastian Karlsson looks like one of my best mates' boyfriend. So its difficult to get into him as i relate in a rather weird way. Agnes is doing very well at the moment with her second album but thats mainly thanks to the clea track she nabbed. I think Kick Back Relax went to no.2 for literally ages.

Anyway, staying in Sweden I love Magnus Carlsson and can't wait for his English release of his normal cd. You know he even covered Celine Dion on that album its that camp. Its a shame that the only English solo stuff is Christmas material. The new christmas LP includes a cover of the Wonderful Dream by the sorely missed Melanie Thornton.

Sigh.She was fetch.

So thank you muchly for the shout out. The latest Girlbands post was very difficult to do so i'm glad you enjoyed it. I say "very" only because i did it in-between hectic christmas shopping and studying. The next batch of girlbands are on their way....


Poster Girl said...

I loved the girlbands post! I'm still working my way through it--it's so much to digest, and I have no idea how you found time to do it, let alone knew about all those groups!

"Noche Cool" is such a slick fun track...good to hear about Agnes! I really like "Love Is All Around" on her album.

Magnus is releasing his CD in English? I had no idea! Can't wait, because you're right, it's a shame that all his English stuff is the Christmas material (well, except a couple of demos, but they have hardly any words in them at all anyway). And I didn't know "Wonderful Dreams" was a real song until this album--shame on me! I will have to go look into Melanie Thornton's solo career then.