Thursday, December 07, 2006

Get my things together, gotta lose myself to you

It's pretty unusual for me to post live performances. Today, though, I had to do it, not because I prefer the live version to the studio version (I'm almost positive the opposite will be true), but because I don't have the studio version yet and don't know when people outside of Sweden will be able to buy it. It's sung by Sebastian Karlsson, the runner-up (to Agnes Carlsson) in 2005's Swedish Idol. I couldn't really stand his debut single, "Do What You're Told" (sample lyrics: "I'm the man/give me control"), so I never bothered to seek out his self-titled debut album. With a song this good (I presume it must be from a new album, though I guess it could be an addition to his old album for a re-release of it), though, I may be willing to forgive and forget.

Words and Violence (Live at the Idol 2006 Finale)--it starts out simply enough, sort of slow with just piano accompaniment. A few lines in, though, the pace begins to pick up and the piano part gets more interesting and is joined by some more instruments. Then we get to the almost plaintive chorus, and it's desperation and hope and excitement and maybe even sadness (why?) all mixed up together as Sebastian begs "leave your worries and sorrow, come and see me tonight" and to "come out, let's get lost lost in the nightlife," with the last syllables dragged out, sounding like the words are being pulled out from deep inside him. In a way, this song has that intangible quality that I loved about yesterday's song, though most people would probably think there's no real similarity between the two. "Words and Violence" is also faster (especially in the backing music) and so much more emotional, and the strength behind the words near the end is perfect; it feels (until he reaches the subdued actual end) as if he's switched from begging to actually doing or being, to freeing himself and others or being freed. If I love the live version this much, I can only imagine my reaction to the studio version!

(All credit for this song goes to the Idol Forums; thank you!)

If you live in Sweden, you can buy Sebastian Karlsson's song "Words and Violence" here (digital).

On an unrelated but very important note, Adem from I'm Always Right is running a contest to determine the top 20 pop albums of all time. You can read all the details here, but essentially, it's a very good idea. Tired of ridiculously pretentious lists of "the best albums of the year/ever"? Help Adem determine what albums should be on the list by e-mailing your own top 10 favorite pop albums to You can vote up until January 26, 2007, after which the results will be tallied and the top 20 pop albums of all time will be announced. Ten albums...hmm...time to start thinking!

Next up: possibly either a Swedish singer or a Mexican singer.


Paul said...

what a looker! and what a gorgeous song. J'approve. Ich bin approve. Now i need to investigate further about our little Sebastian. Or Seb as I now call him. Sebster. I think you get my point,,,

Poster Girl said...

It is a gorgeous song! And, ooo, close enough to use nicknames already, hmmm?

J'ason D'luv said...

Yeah, I'd give that guy a bounce.

Poster Girl said...

I think he might have had a mini-makeover to go with his music makeover--definitely approve of the latter, and the single/album cover pictures seem to be improving, too!