Sunday, December 03, 2006

In Minnesota the kids are stayin' inside

Jesse McCartney (whose new album I really will write about at some point) is probably best known for his debut single, the poppy, cheesy, ultimately good (even if the sentiment feels contrived) "Beautiful Soul." Before his solo career, he was a member of really young boy band Dream Street (who I don't remember hearing anything about at the time). After that, he was on the short-lived TV series Summerland (which also starred a pre-High School Musical Zac Efron, looking--like Jesse--very young). He seems (or at least, used to seem) like he has some close ties to Disney, or maybe Disney just believed he was popular among their target audience, because he's been involved in a lot of Disney projects. Today's song is from one of them; it comes from Radio Disney Jingle Jams.

One Way Or Another--I really can't believe this isn't a cover. I tried searching for lyrics to find the "original," but I can't find any other song that goes like this; I just can't believe a song this good was hidden away on a little-heard holiday album (it's made me wonder if the whole album is this good). Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying mainstream radio would latch onto it; it's complete teen-pop, which doesn't seem to be very popular on radio nowadays. However, I could see this song (maybe with some alterations, and maybe sung by someone else) at the very least being on a major holiday album. At first, "One Way Or Another" doesn't even sound like a Christmas song--maybe it's just because of who Jesse is, but from the moment the song starts, there's a bleach-blonde California feel to it. It never really loses that feel, but turns into something a little more Christmas-y in the chorus--like a bleach-blonde in a winter coat. Standing in picturesque snow. Anyhow, it's cute and catchy. Jesse's not using any of the rock affectations so present on Right Where You Want Me--this is definitely first album Jesse.

(This song also makes me think of that commercial with the triplets--three college-age guys, maybe?--heading home for Christmas; though it wasn't used for that commercial, the general sentiment would have fit in. What song was actually used for that, "I'll Be Home For Christmas"?)

To buy Radio Disney Jingle Jams, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe another former member of a group gone solo artist.


Paul said...

the whole album isn't great but i will send you the highlights of it tomorrow :) Oh i feel so festive :) Viva la jesse!

Poster Girl said...

You have it? Paul, you are a never-ending source of music :) Jesse seems to be taking the "popstar in Asia" route and went touring there recently--him, the Click Five--why do Americans reject pop and force it to leave the continent?

Robpop said...

Poor Jesse! He needs a touch of Robyn/Darin to his work. Maybe that will crack him in the US. For now however he seems to be going the same route as Mandy Moore(before she found her calling in MOR musak and movies). Darlin' the girlband post is up on DontStopthePop.

Poster Girl said...

Oh my goodness, Robpop, do you know how much I would love Robyn to work with a U.S. star (well, "star" is debatable in this case)? I still have dreams of Darin breaking in the U.S.! Definitely off to go check the girlband post--if it's like the last one, I'll be over at DSTP for forever :)